Include Tahiti and other French Polynesian islands in a future world update

It would be great if you could include some French Polynesian islands like Tahiti in a future world update!

It’s too late for such requests. WU4 is in it’s final stages to get released in less than two weeks.

You could rephrase it to simply wish for these areas to be included in some future world update, then it would make sense as a wishlist item.

I’m still hoping we see enhanced Society Islands someday soon, or at least the main international airport in Papeete. In real life, it is stunning from a pilots perspective.

FP is supposed to be a showcase region for the sim, with the Bora Bora discovery flight and all, but it is still rather disappointing. Lots of generic offline textures across the islands.

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This item was delivered in World Update 13: Oceania (