Installation help

Not sure where I should post this but - Today I spent hours installing the flight sim with the DVD set onto my on my new build - now I cannot find how to start the game (now start link). I when to my library on MS Store but I was prompted to download to install. Is this correct ?

Windows 11:

  1. Start > type flight simulator. Is it there?
  2. Right-click Start, choose Apps and features. In Apps list, type “flight”. Is it there?

If not found, i guess it’s not registered in Windows.

The DVD’s are now 1.5 years out of date, so there is a huge download to be completed in order for the Sim to start. Basically it knows it’s out of date and won’t let you start. I don’t think there is a way to avoid it.

There are a few posts where people have downloaded it to a laptop or other machine that has a good internet connection and copied the files to the machine with the poor connection, but there’s a specific process to follow.

Thank you - I am updating… seems to take forever.

Thank you for that info - it makes sense now. took me hours to install from DVD’s and now it seems it will be 15 hours to do the main update. Currently 46GiB of 114GiB !
Gives me the opportunity to work on my nav plotting skills (lol).

I wonder if for future reference, can I just move the MSFS directory (wherever that is located) if I ever need to upgrade my PC again ?

Just so you know, I don’t believe MSFS makes any registry entries.

So there are two parts to it (when downloading from the windows store - not sure how/ if the DVD’s are different).

  1. The core executable are is about 1.5GB. This lives in a protected area of the file system and while it is possible to move it, id suggest leaving it where it is.
  2. The MSFS directory. This can in be moved but there are specific steps to follow. It easier to put it where you want it at installation time, but if you’ve got the space on the default C drive it should be ok.
    I hope it works for you :+1:
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The part that can be moved is the Packages folder.
It contains the “Official” and “Community” Folders.
The Official folder contains the largest amount of data of the installation by far.
If you have the Packages folder already installed, you can move it to wherever you’d like.
All that is required is to edit the UserCfg.opt file located in the LocalCache folder, which, in turn is in the Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder.
Edit or add this line, which should be at the bottom of the UserCfg.opt file.
InstalledPackagesPath “your new packages location”


Thank you everyone. After a continuous 30 hours of download and install, my next move is to back it up. maybe I will just make a drive image.


hahaha on steam community many people posted so many funny pictures of the long download on release day. Like skeletons waiting behind their computer for the game to install. lol
30 hours haha! atleast it makes the mfs experience truely special and unique.

After the AU update I have made an image of my drive so if ever I need to reinstall on a new system I can just grab a quick coffee while it is doing :slightly_smiling_face:


oh that is golden.