Intel i9 10900K - Limited by Main Thread [After WU7]

I have a i9-11900k which is supposed to have an algorithm to overclock dependent on load. It seems to increase clock frequency when loaded up and across a couple of cores. This loads my rtx 3070 but never to 100%, usually high 80s. I don’t know if it just for the 11th GEN or not. CPU runs around 30-40% with everything on ultra and LOD/TOD 200/400. It is a new PC so I am still playing with settings.

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I’d say even the I9-9900k or i7 should have headroom in MSFS. I think from what we are all saying that no matter how powerful or expensive our CPU is, we are limited by it and the game could benefit from being more multi core based.

Btw I run on 4K because anything lower is more strain on the CPU so my FPS actually gets worse!

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Doesn’t sound like thats going to happen though. Asobo have said numerous times that DX12 isn’t of itself going to bring better core performance to the sim. It’ll allow them to bring newer features like ray tracing but they’ve always alluded to the fact that people should keep their expectations in check when it comes to DX12. The sim just isn’t coded to make the most of CPU’s with lots of cores, DX12 or not.

Who knows what the coming years will bring. Its newer things like DLSS, which Asobo have said will make a difference, is probably where people should pin their hopes.


I agree they seem almost entirely focused on the GPU when most people are seeing CPU issues. And there is no point bringing in new stuff like ray tracing if even the most expensive PCs are struggling to run ultra settings as it is. Id really like to see them focus on the processing efficiency.

Also, I don’t DLSS is going to help us as again, it’s aimed at helping GPUs deal with increased workload. I can find almost nothing on the internet around how DLSS impacts / helps the CPU.

The game is great at the moment, I’m talking in terms of performance on the ground, that’s where the optimisations need to happen.


Ah,oke I see !

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I have I7-9700 my max LOD S 100 above that I get stutters so bad

The core of the game comes from FSX which was absolutely and entirely single threaded. Hence, making the current game engine take full advantage of multiple cores, if possible at all, would need a massive rewrite which is not happening anytime in the near future.

On the other hand reducing graphics load with DLSS so you can run VR better and perhaps shoehorn in cockpit ray tracing sounds like it might be quite doable.


Yea that’s what I was thinking too exactly

sorry for the necro, but would it be possible to limit the game to use only 1 or 2 cores and disable the others?

for exemple my i7 -10750H is lmited to 4.2ghz on all cores but 5ghz with only 1 in use.
Guess a 800mhz ‘‘boost’’ would help?

Well it does seem the game can make use of some other threads at times, it probably will be a bit hampered if you limited it back to just one or two threads.

Whilst all those other threads appear to be idle there is actually stuff going on, just when you spread it out over 16 threads it does not load any of the other threads much.

Basically the current game absolutely hammers the main thread and then has enough “busy work” to keep a couple of other threads going, or if available those processes can be spread over a heap of cores in which case they are barely ticking over.

In theory, if you using one of the newer Gen Intel processors , with performance and efficiency cores, that would be ideal for MSFS, I have no idea if that is how it turns out in practice.