Interesting performance finding

Like a lot of others I do have performance problems especially on the ground and while takeoff. Looking left or right in the ground gives me stutters. This is since the last updates.
Interesting is… I just bought this amazing airport in Rio de Janeiro in the marked store and the performance on this airport is outstanding! It’s crazy because it’s so detailed and it’s in between this city with thousands of houses! But the performance (in VR as well!) is outstanding. Nearly no stutters Fluid as butter also by turning my head. That makes me wondering what the difference is. I do have performance problems on other airports that not even close detailed as this one. So the performance problems are not coming from the number of objects or how detailed a scenery is!?

I would be interested to know if you guys have the same experience in Rio de Janeiro or if you found other places with the same result.


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The developer does always a great job in building detailed and performance friendly airports. I remember that in FSX.


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If you turn down the Object and Terrain LOD’s you can get rid of that stuttering.

One major difference is that this airport is resident on a local drive and its assets don’t need to be loaded from the cloud.

I honestly don’t know how many (if any) of the generic Asobo world airports are actually local assets.

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Well, things change after each update. The details of the textures make a huge difference in performance, and after each update details improve. This would explain why a non-stuttering airfield starts stuttering after an update. Your payware airfield is an example of a well designed scenery.

Fully agree. Paulo managed already in FSX which is much more limited than MSFS to have excellent performance on large sceneries. Grouping of objects and use of a limited number of textures reduce drawcalls in his sceneries and also he is a master of just detailing what you actually see. There is no point in making a lot of vertices on something you never get close to. Some developers for MSFS use Sketchup or even just use models from the 3d-warehouse with disastrous impact on performance as these models are not optimized at all. The same goes for some of the very nice models which can be purchased on eg turbosquid - they might look great but they are done to be the centerpiece and not just to be eye candy meaning that their performance impact combined with many similar objects is far too high.

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I don’t get it. I think Asobos default airports shoulb be the same optimized. Especially because they are not that detailed!
So am I right that these performance problems we have are mostly from unoptimized airports? That’s kinda sad. Flying in Rio de Janeiro shows how good this Sim could be in very dense detailed scenarios!

I don’t want to judge the default airports as I have not studied them in detail, but for many of the add-ons I think a lot of the answer is in the missing optimization and some developers making too many short cuts.

There should be proved quality standards. But who should prove it when even Asobo don’t optimize their standart airports well. :roll_eyes:

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All of them are. The only thing loaded from the cloud are textures and geometry outside of the hand crafted areas.
Why do you think the game is over 100GB?

Also all the generic textures for runways, buildings + their models are stored locally.

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Each and every one? Every regional airport on continent of America? Every airport in Africa? Etc

If this were the case I might expect the sim to be quite a bit larger than 100Gb

Only the ortho photos, PG areas, the height map, and the position of trees and houses are streamed. (Beside weather information and online traffic). The planes the textures for assets and planes, the Airports, the textures for the airport - all is stored on your local hard disc. Since the textures are reused the storage impact is not that big. And honestly a program with far over 100GB of storage need is already seriously big.

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Because in Rio the things flow better… :wink:

You might try this test: do the head turning exercise, then reboot, relaunch, but change the time so the lighting is different, like sunrise to sunset. If I am correct, you will get the stuttering head turning both times. Either way, once you have turned your head back and forth, the shaders are loaded. You don’t need a reboot. Very interesting testing. Thanks.

Man what you say its crazy! cause recently I’ve been doing a long haul : Paris-Rio with the Asobo scenery of Rio (premium one). Usually Asobo premium airport are really bad optimized like LFPG or KJFK.
Anyway, after 10 real hours of flight I land with the salty 747 in Rio, AIG was on and my graphics settings are mostly high and some ultra. Result : i got almost no stutters. Was crazy I recorded the landing cause it was the first time I got stutters free since SU7.
Vsync on / 30 fps limiter

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All the assets (textures, generic building and airplane models etc.) are local. I don’t know if it streams where to put them, but I don’t think so.

Some developers converting Fsx and P3D airports and adjust it for msfs. Most of them are cheaper than before.

It seems Rio is a completely reworked airport based on msfs SDK standards and not a workaround based on the FSX/P3D version. Thats why it runs smoother and is more expensive.

I have a lot payware in msfs, airports i owned in FSX from the same devwlopers back in early days. Some of them runs realy bad, like in Fsx and some completely redone. Looks better, runs better.

It might be that this scenery is taxing your graphics card to the max, which is good. You can read more in this thread. Stutters on final, lower end systems
Key is that your system needs to be GPU bound and not CPU bound. Lowering CPU settings like LOD and traffic and maxing GPU settings like graphics settings.

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