Intermittent: All assistance options automatically gets set to easy every time you relaunch the sim or sometimes between flights

I wonder if it’s the failed purchase? I haven’t done anything more than just look in marketplace and have had no problems but this wasn’t the case before the beta, just visiting was enough

Also check version number in your profile, it should be

Same to me.
I am making a scenery and use the project editor and dev cam every day.
Every day all assistance settings are reset to Easy.

Exactly what I am experiencing as well (including the CTD).

Yes it’s the content manager. If you go there or update anything, it resets to easy. Also can reset randomly. Even getting random CTD. There is a hotfix preview avail but you need to be ms insider to get it through Xbox. It’s a pain so I’m waiting for an official hotfix. I’m not flying until this is fixed.

I’ve had it happen to me quite often since the last update.

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Same here, never happened before SU7 update.

Quite often, as in however often you go into Content Manager?

Should the title of this be changed from INTERMITTENT

After all, the bug occurs every time you open the content manager and can be reproduced.


Finally found an Xbox Series X, and of course wanted to load up Flight Sim… but this “assists easy” reset every single time I load the game is ruining the experience. Every time I load the game, it’s back to “easy”, which simply ruins the flight and taking the time ti reset all the settings to my liking.

I also play on PC since launch, and have since FS4, but haven’t played in a few months on my PC. So, can’t confirm I have the same bug on PC, but I just got updated to the newest version, so curious to see.

This bug is driving me nuts, and honestly not much point in playing until fixed.

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Happend to be only as soon as I update a package in the content manager

Same here, it’s so frustrating. :rage: :rage: :rage:

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This and some other “features” - that are actually bugs for most of the regular users - make me think that this product is developed having in mind a minority of newbies or casual players, instead of the majority, which is made of simmers and long time users of the product. Which is odd…
I don’t know what the market strategy is, but IMHO the skilled simmers are those spending money on such product and if I was the developer I scrapped many game features from the default installation, keeping it clean and functional and offering those as an option for the user to install it if he likes/wants. It comes to my mind the “assist” modes, A.I. ATC, poorly developed aircraft, dumb A.I. traffic, and so on.
How many of the customers are actually using these features and for how long?! Maybe the newbies are using it until they get used to the sim and discover the real potential of the game, communities, MODs, etc.
Instead of wasting time and money in developing such useless “bonuses”, the dev team should focus on the realism of flight dynamics, aircraft systems, and operational tools (i.e. fleet administration, enhanced airport operations - would be nice). This would be money worth, too!
My 2 Cents.
K. (MSFS store edition.)


Conspiracies alive and well I can see … it’s actually a known bug and I’m sure it will be fixed.

can you refrain from making smart allegations based on poor judgment and stick with the issue? 10x!

Didn’t the SU7 patch resolve this issue? It did for me.

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I think your allegations are what started this.

And yes it has been fixed (thanks Hoban).

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@DensestSnail693 Refrain from continuing to escalate this only to calm down your inflated ego!

@hobanagerik Apparently it’s not (entirely) fixed, but “intermittent” is correct, in some circumstances, those settings are reset to ‘easy’ - I keep finding the assists pop-up on the screen and should reset to ''real life". The same with the ATC window. (And there are other users with the same problem well beyond SU7, see above)

So it’s a bug afterall … so let’s just leave it at that

The way it used to trigger for me was if I updated anything in “My Content”. That is for sure resolved.

But perhaps that is not the only way for the bug to occur?

Fixed in the version