Ipv6 and Teredo....as it relates to MSFS


Based on some older threads, it is my understanding that Teredo needs to be up and running in order to allow proper streaming from MSFS servers i.e. higher rates of streaming resulting in higher quality textures, etc…

It is my understanding that Teredo’s purpose is to give full ipv6 connectivity to people who are on ipv4 internet.

So for those who have ipv6 internet, should Toredo be disabled? Does it create conflict for users who already have ipv6? Or should Teredo be left on regardless?

Any thoughts on this is appreciated.

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MSFS does not use IPV6 so Teredo makes no difference. In any case, Teredo is a deprecated protocol. It was implemented at a time when many routers and ISPs did not support end-to-end native IPV6 connectivity. Most now do.

Teredo was only intended as a temporary stopgap measure to permit encapsulating IPV6 packets inside IPV4. There is no way that Teredo could offer a speed increase, because the process of embedding IPV6 in IPV4 at the sending end, and extracting the IPV6 at the receiving end increases the networking workload compared to using native IPV6. If your network card, router and ISP directly support IPV6, there is definitely no reason to ever enable or use Teredo.

Microsoft originally intended to shut down their Teredo servers as long ago as 2014. By default, Teredo is disabled in Windows 10, and you have to go through several steps to turn it on.


Thank you for the technical response.

I am now wondering why many users have reported better ground textures once they fixed/enabled Teredo. Based on your response, it really shouldn’t have mattered.

It seems you are also saying that I have ipv6 end to end, then Teredo can actually make things worse?

Bottom line is, it doesn’t matter.

You have successfully connected to the internet, so your protocols are fine. MSFS tells to connect to specific IPs and the rest is handled by your OS and your ISP. There is really no need to dive into any science here, because there is nothing to do on your end.

Do not wonder why many users report inconclusive stuff, this is pretty normal in a forum.

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Since MSFS doesn’t use IPV6, Teredo on or off should not matter. Those who see an “improvement” I think are experiencing the “placebo effect”. Depending on whether Live Weather is enabled or not, MSFS establishes between 4 and 7 discrete TCP/IP connections when it launches, and every one is IPV4.

One quick way to test if you have end-to-end IPV6 connectivity is to use any of dozens of IPV test web sites, such as https://test-ipv6.com/ A score of 10/10 is ideal. Although MSFS does not use IPV6, many web sites do - when doing general web browsing, many, if not most, of my browser connections are IPV6.

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So why when using the Xbox Networking connectivity tests it says Teredo unable to qualify and that it may block you from multiplayer games?

This is also part of zen desks troubleshooting.

Hard to say why MS does what they do. I’ve spent two days and almost 2TB in data just to get to

Also just to validate what the OP posted on Teredo

C:\WINDOWS\system32>netsh interface teredo show state
Teredo Parameters

Type : disabled
Server Name : win1910.ipv6.microsoft.com.
Client Refresh Interval : 30 seconds
Client Port : unspecified
State : offline
Error : none


Hi folks,
I get 0/10 on that test, as my ISP (Vodafone) does not support IPV6 yet.

I felt I had issues with textures / LOD a couple of months ago, and after finding numerous similar posts on the forum, I too found that Xbox Networking (aka Teredo I believe) wasn’t running / was blocked - I can’t remember the exact term it stated.
Pressing the ‘fix it’ button would open / connect it, but this needed to be done at least once per PC restart, which became tedious and I’d often forget.
I ended up playing about with ‘netsh’ commands in cmdprompt to fix my issue, and Xbox networking is now open / connected each time without the need to use the ‘fix it’ button any more.

Whether placebo affect or not (I’m certainly not doubting people with more technical knowledge here… Mine is certainly limited!) it definitely appeared to help in my situation with texture / LOD quality.
I have 1gb internet and it wasn’t really being utilised at all (the counter in options didnt seem to go up before), and now I feel it is being utilised properly and the textures / LOD also appeared better from that point onward (still same issues as others wrt London photogrammetry etc. though!).

I’m not here to cast doubt or cause any arguments, but I’m just dropping this in to give people my personal experience on the issue, in case it might assist another fellow pilot.

Happy Flying! :slight_smile:

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I managed after hours of fiddling to get nat miderate and server connected on the Xbox test. Had to use the netsch command with another server name.

It was still bad maybe a little better but in NY I had to fly a circuit for like 5 minutes to get clear buildings and when I did get them the network usage spiked.

I exited the sim and ram the test again and surprise surprise nat closed and server blocked. :man_shrugging:t3:

You may or may not want to try… and it may or may not help :slight_smile: but these are my settings when you run ‘Netsh Int Teredo Show Stat’ in the command prompt.

You can google how to change the parameters, but use the above command to take a note of what you had before you change anything, so you can always revert back if its no better, or worse.
Also, use the above command to make sure your changes have applied correctly.

There are likely multiple other influences which could cause issues with networking, and I’m definitely no guru when it comes to any of this, so this is my disclaimer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

Teredo Parameters

Type : enterpriseclient
Server Name : teredo.remlab.net
Client Refresh Interval : 10 seconds
Client Port : 3544
State : qualified
Client Type : teredo client
Network : managed
NAT : cone
NAT Special Behaviour : UPNP: Yes, PortPreserving: Yes

Thanks! this is the command that helped but after using the sim and checking again it had the teredo problem back :confused:

I have Microsoft Forza Horizon 4 which requires Teredo, I think as part of it’s anti cheat system. Whatever, I could never get it to work, despite striving mightily, and so never managed to play the game in multiplayer.

That said, I have had no issues like that with MSFS and have good downloads of scenery and multiplayer flights are no problem, despite failing the Xbox Networking connectivity test.

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