Is anyone actually flying after this update?

I cant load in to any airport without the sim crashing to desktop. I also cant press fly unless I go back into the main menu before going back to the world map. only at that point is the “FLY” option available to be clicked.


Please check if the tips given here help you out:


We Downloaded the Goshawk and then came into the Sim to find the new Patch.
Flew the Aircraft at Gaya Florence and everything seems OK with no ‘Issues’.

Before the update : 30 - 35 fps average
After the update : 18 - 20 fps and a lot of freezing, stuttering.
RTX 3090, I7 9700K@5,1 GHz, 32 GB DDR 4, 1 Gbps internet speed


After update, no problems at all, even smoother than before…


Here to, much smoother also​:+1::relaxed:


Make sure you download the update in the Microsoft Store first. That was my mistake the first time around: I could download a ~4GB update and get to the main menu without a problem, but the “Fly” button would stay greyed out, no matter what I did.

Then went to the Microsoft Store and clicked on Manage for my version of Flight Simulator, where a ~1GB update was downloaded. Then I launched the sim again and another ~5GB update was downloaded. After that it worked.

If the update in the Microsoft Store doesn’t show up immediately you may have to log out of the store and log back in or do a reboot of your PC.


5-12 fps lost here, i9900k and 3090.
15-20 Less since the last two updates.


lost around 16 fps, system specs 5600x rtx 3080 32gb of 3600 ram


I lost about 10 FPS plus stutters. I’m about done with this. More power to those that can tolerate this.


Crash to desktop…

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I actually had 2 updates right after another.

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Yes loaded into the sim fine from the install and selected s start airport (Liverpool in the UK) and few north to Blackpool, all good…

Although World, Map and ATC text is now blurry, cloud pixellation is back but most of the time clouds look ok and yes there may even be some fps drops and stutters but that could be a consiquence of the install - I need to reboot and retest.

Lots of bug fixes though which is most welcome.

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Time to quit from this beta flight simulator, oh sorry, I mean scenery simulator.


I’ve found my fps improved 58 copit. 75 external.
I’m running on 3900x cpu. Gigabyte 2070s. 3200 ram. But I’m still bouncing on touch down with A320 fbw?

I’m updating now I figure I got a 50/50 chance of flying today…

Impossible to fly
lost 5/8 fps


Sorry 32 ram I meant. Lol

from CBCDES “For some reason the sim updated with a large 4.03GB update when I started it then I could not load a flight. A further 1GB update from the store was required then another near 1GB update when re-starting the sim to correct the problem. It seems to be ok now”

so for everyone still getting a CTD when trying to load into an airport head to the store to get an additional download that is required. then restart MSFS and another download will start. ill report back on performance when I get a chance


I was getting the same thing. Put my settings down to low, then back to Ultra. That always seems to help for some reason after an update. I found that right now, live weather is giving me lots of stuttering. If I load an off line weather profile the sim runs smooth.