Is marketplace addons worth it?

Yeah, I find it hard to justify airport scenery prices. No doubt the work done is high quality (in many cases) and deserving of the price, but as a virtual pilot, unless you fly in and out of that airport a lot then it’s really bad value.

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Long time ago I purchased the inibuilds KSAT addon through the MSFS marketplace. Due to performance problems, in the end of december 2022 this addon had an important update v1.08 and I had been waiting for this update and nothing.

Its unbelievable that even in internet you can find and download the inbuilds KSAT v1.08 for free and the MSFS marketplace can not give us the proper update. Of course Im NOT going to download the addon via torrents because I DONT support piracy and never will do so I hope the MSFS & inbuilds team can finally bring the KSAT update in the marketplace.

Unlikely to be inibuilds fault. There is a massive backlog of marketplace items and updates to be processed by Microsoft.

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Maybe if MS made $$$ processing Marketplace updates, it would find a way to increase the processing speed ?

That’s been my issue. I’m new to buying stuff on marketplace only doing so when things are on a really good sale. I hate that I can’t get to some of the config areas. I got a ea7 off marketplace. Wanted to do a long site seeing trip. I’m pretty sure it’s the orbx one. No autopilot, missing a few things the orbx one from the website claims to have for the same price, and oh ya I can’t find the system file to just add those things.