Is there a hotfix coming for WU6 issues?

Has anyone heard anything about a Hotfix
Coming to rectify the problems from update 6


I haven’t, I need it to fix the night lighting on Xbox Series X and it is absolutely dreadful right now :confused:


It was announced in last week’s Dev Blog that a hotfix would be released ASAP. My guess is that it may be tomorrow.

looking at the roadmap, it looks like the next couple months are going to be dedicated to Sim Updates, of course there’s always the chance we’ll get smaller fixes at anytime. I think they’ve finally noticed the turmoil they’re in. Looks like the Top Gun DLC is called off for now but the Air Race stuff is still dropping at the end of the year. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Quote from:

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded World Update VI and provided feedback in the forums, Zendesk, and social media. You, the community, help shape Microsoft Flight Simulator day by day and we are grateful to have such a great mix of perspectives, backgrounds, and voices. There are some bugs discovered this week from the recent update and we plan on releasing a hotfix in the coming week. It will include a fix for the night lighting Render Scale, Offscreen Terrain PreCaching on VR menus, minor world/water mask clean-up, and a few more items. Full patch notes will be posted with the update.

We announced the delay of both our live Dev Q&A and aircraft release (Junkers JU-52) the other day but are happy to share that the new release date for the Junkers JU-52 is September 28th. We are still working on the postponed date for our live Dev Q&A and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Below you’ll find a new Development Roadmap updated through November. With Maverick: Top Gun now slated for next May, we re-evaluated the next few months and plan on having two major updates: Sim Update VI and Sim Update VII/Reno Air Races.

Enjoy this Development Update and have a great weekend!

– The MSFS team

Can I ask what your honest and uncut experience has been like a month ago compared to now? I’m curious to know as I’m also on Series X and have to say that it performed better than this a month ago I’m certain.


Same here Terrible also every flight stutters and freezes


Hope the freezing and stuttering on every flight on xbox series x is included


No problems a month ago

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Careful what you wish for. Remember that last TWO hotfixes? :grinning:


I was getting some stuttering at departure airport. I tried the suggestion by a forum member and now it’s smooth. It worked like magic. What was it? Simply set the Graphics to Ultra Preset and Press Save! Don’t adjust anything. It is now smooth for me.

What about them? Did they cause trouble that wasn’t there in SU5 to begin with?

SU5 broke (badly) many parts of the sim. THey came out with a hotfix which didn’t fix what it was for and, instead, created more issues. Then hotfix 2 fixed one thnig and broke another. SU6 didn’t fix enough of the bugs to make it playable without crashing. Honestly, the whole thing is a disaster for such a high profile app.


Any specifics? I was there and I don’t remember any of that, nor can I remember reading about them. (I spend waaay too much time on the forums.)
Tons and tons of complaints about SU5, but I don’t recall any major issues arising from the hotfixes.

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Just peruse the forums after they were released. It’s bad enough that they’re extending the call time of the developer Q&A and are expected to give an account of what happened.
I don’t even know what would make me reinstall. Magic is gone.

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Can’t do that on xbox

Do a full restart on your Xbox. That fixes the stutters and freezes. Night lighting will be fixed in the hotfix.


I find it just weird. Some days, I will get nothing and flying will be smooth, other days it’ll just be such a horrible experience. Forget Long Haul Flights, most i can do is about 800nm and within 600nm it starts stuttering, and then eventually crashes.


I do full restarts everytime I go to play the game and it literally does nothing :frowning: Hell I’d even take them lowering the graphics slightly on the Series X to make it run better


that does seem odd. If your console is well ventilated and not overheating, it’s probably something to do with the internet routing between you and whatever MS data center you’re connecting to. Unfortunately that’s really not something you can control, short of getting an internet connection from a different ISP! Hopefully the hotfix works for you.