Is there any plane in standard package that works 100% after patch 2?

I find the 152 lovely to fly.


C152 and C172 works very well, before and after patch


Savage Cub still flies real nice. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


Sry but very strange question,

what is known to me, still no one aircraft is 100% functional.

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TBM seems generally fine. Couple tweaks with the garmin but no game killer. I think most planes are good except for the jets.


There’s also an nice mod for the Bonanza G36:


Diamond da62 is great.

Someone posted out, taxing requires more thrust than it should but not a major thing.

Possibly fuel hungry when aux pumps are switched on. I can’t really comment on that though as I wouldn’t know where to start.

G1000 is limited in its implementation but not broken

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C208 seems fine to me.

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How do you adjust prop RPM?

Otherwise a great plane.

So basically all others but liners are ok.
So what’s the fuzz?


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Great question.

Not seen an option for it but I dont see one on the real plane either? Do you know if its a missing feature or perhaps something that is automated? and therefore no control for it exists?

It can be better maybe read original aircarft story or web about it. This will help to you understand that.

Having read the manual for the aircraft, I think the answer is a no. RPM is regulated by power selection but RPM is displayed on LHS of MFD. You could find a power for the desired RPM. The manual also included a power curve with RPM.

TBM for sure… Im pretty bummed that most of my purchase is useless at the moment tho (when it comes to aircraft types)

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DA62 has a FADEC (, so you don’t control prop pitch.

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Nope. G36 ramdomly loses the MFD, it gets dark. Can be reset by cycling avionics master, but is very annoying.
There’s no mod that would help on that issue and I think there are more GA affected by that, not only airliners.

All GA aircraft I’ve tried seem to work fine for me outside of the incomplete Garmin implementation, although there are only a few that I fly regularly. C172, C152, C182T, DA62 and TBM930 are my main planes and all seem to work as well as before the patch. I haven’t been affected by the black screen issue a few people are having.

I have done over 75 hours of flying in the A320, I use the modded version. There were some initial bugs after the update but everything seems to be working fine now albeit the very minor issues of AP and Swaying at cruise which are not a deal breaker.

It’s unfortunate that most of the replies are most likely going to be from people who don’t check 100% of items but are able to use the brakes & throttle and say they’re fine. In their use case, sure it’s fine.

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“Deal breakers” and issues are 2 different items. A deal breaker is subjective and an issue if tested to be true is a fact.