Isle of man vfr flying problem

Only flying vfr around the isle of man.
All the colours of the landscape are okay, then go red and purple.
It’s like a band of colours around the aircraft :thinking:
Could someone else please try flying around the island?
See if they get the same problem.

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I’ve checked out Isle of Man after the UK Ireland World Update. I’m experiencing the same issue. It’s still not fixed. No idea if it was working fine before the World Update.

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Yes, I saw that.

The issue is also to be seen over central Ireland (EIMU)


It’s a known fault which occurs in other parts of the world too, please vote for a fix in this thread:


To be honest.
I’ve had this problem on the isle of man before the update


How do I do that?

Click on the link in my post above (the blue text). This will open the existing thread about this issue. To the left of the thread title is the Vote button and the number of votes already received.

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Thank you

I think its been doing this from day one. I assumed it was to do with the Bing maps data…

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It has yes.
It is as if the detail on the bing maps is not as clear on the outer islands.
Ironically it didn’t happen on the north of the island :thinking:

To be honest, this problem exists since the UK update. There are scenery bugs topics about it…

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I’m from Yorkshire.
But I did live there for six years.
Stop over :joy::joy::joy:

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