Issues i found in my few hours played

First of all dont get a wrong idea, i think this game is great, but here are some issues i encountered while playing:
1.ATC communication:
almost half the time there is no voice actually saying the lines written on the atc command window.

   Also it already happened multiple times to me, that i couldnt invoice my request of permission for 
   my flightplan, the option is shown, but when i press it, nothing happens, i tried a lot of different 
   things, but the only way for me to regain the ability to submit my flightplan is to restart the game. 

   On top of that, the game chrashes when i detach the atc window from the flight simulator window 
   and then move it to my secondary monitor 100% of times.
  1. 787 front nose gear:

    in general, i really like this 787 implementation, but my front nose gear tends to bump up and down
    constantly while taxiing taking of and landing, making it almost unplayable.

Did you guys encounter similar issues and did you find explanations/work arounds?

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Do you have Azure TTS selected? There is an known issue where the audio won’t be generated if this is selected as per: - Known Issues -. Try to switch to Windows for text to speech and see if that helps.

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I’ll try that, thanks for the suggestion!

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