It doesn't move for an hour from the startup screen

After the mystery update happened …Is there any improvement plan?

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Dont start any 3rd party programs until you are at the main screen…Just start the sim and wait til you get to the menu then you can load your other software

im unclear what ‘mystery update’ your referring too
we had 2 updates last week, on thursday we had the delayed WU number 8 listed here

then 1-2 days later? (location dependent) we had a Dev update shown here

admittedly the dates dont line up exactly, since the first update was delayed

is this on pc?
its tagged as xbox but that looks like a pc monitor, possibly used for a console?
you should give as much information as possible, there are many help topics with Many solutions for this issue

There was an update to WU8, that deleted some duplicate files apparently.

ohh yea i see that, maybe it was that rather than an actual dev update i thought it was
i appreciate the clarification thanks :slight_smile:

I use translation because I don’t understand much English, but I use xbox ss.

thank you.