Italian cities covered by trees

I just tried now, 20 May 2022.
Seeing is believing.
Recorded at 11:55 London, UK time, after the server “fix”, on 20 May 2022.
So, I tried the followings things to no avail:

  • Empty Community
  • Changing server from North Europe to West Europe, and back
  • Rolling Cache disabled (OFF)
    The Trees Bug remains. The search for a solution CONTINUES…

No change at all. Trees still where they shouldn’t be. The photogrammetry (for me in Perugia) is fantastic but the trees ruin it all

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Try to switch off photogrammetry, start a flight and then switch on photogrammetry again:
I was able to trigger the server fix this way.

Indeed i just noticed a little improvement, still very far from the right height/width/amount of trees.

It doesn’t look “fixed” at all…


The size, not the amount was tweaked server side.

Vegetation Size


Thank you for the suggestion.

I did try it 2 ways:

  1. Photogrammetry disabled then re enabled in the same flight:
  1. Photogrammetry disabled before a flight, then re-enabled in a new flight:

Both videos show that when Photogrammetry is OFF, the TREES bug is gone, but when Photogrammetry is ON, the TREES bug is back!
Therefore, the TREES bug is very much a Photogrammetry problem.

So, I tried the followings things, all to no avail:

  • Empty Community
  • Changing server from North Europe to West Europe, and back
  • Rolling Cache disabled (OFF)
  • Photogrammetry disabled then re-enabled, in two ways, just in case…
    The Trees Bug remains and is part of Photogrammetry. The search for a solution CONTINUES…

Totally agree. With photogrammetry on, it is a total disaster, with it off, still unrealistic, but massive difference in the density and size. It is clear to me that this is the best FS ever by a good margin, but it is also the one with the worse quality ever, sorry but I have to fair. We miss Aces… Sorry Asobo people, but the standards were already set up, bad luck…


Great work!
I re-checked this on my side and i have EXACTLY the same results, you are reporting.

Please open a support-ticket with all your info, to be sure, they notice and how exactly to reproduce this bug.

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I also tried everything. I fly mostly in Perugia, the detail is very very good but the trees sometimes are so dense you can’t see the buildings. Trees are sticking out of buildings, tennis courts etc. Very frustrating. There is a note from flightsimulator that says it’s been fixed but it has not.

Can you please tell me how to open a support-ticket? Thanks. The fact is you do not need to do anything to reproduce the bug, it’s just there.

Use this temporary fix… :wink:


Today (21.05), for me it’s look better than before:




Yes, sure!

1.) If you scroll to the very top of this page, you can see this “menue”:
Home News Events Support

If it´s not there, just klick on the logo (might be “FS” or “Flight Simulator” at the top-left of this page, this will show the mentioned menue bar).

2.) Go to “Support”

3.) Go to “Microsoft Flight Simulator”

4.) Right top of this page “Sign In” (maybe you will have to register, if you enter the support area for the first time)

5.) Right top of the page “Submit a request”

6.) Now you have to fill in several fields, to create a support ticket… pretty “self-explaining” from now on, i think

They are collecting our input from via this support site, the more of us are reporting the same errors, the higher on their priority list a bug will get. So reporting there is good for us. Just to be sure: you won´t get any direct answers from them, what they are gonna do with the reported bugs… don´t worry about that. The ticket will be closed, when they have sorted the bugreport into their lists, but it may take some time, till things really get fixed, depending on their existing 2do-lists and priorities.

" The fact is you do not need to do anything to reproduce the bug, it’s just there."

That´s the good thing about it, so i hope ,they can also easily reproduce it and hopefully quickly get a fix for it.

Just discribe it in your ticket as detailed as possible, also mention your video-documentation, which also shows it extremely well.

Yeah, this one is currently the only thing to do for me, that helps to get rid of the jungle-ish vegetation.

You could either deactivate photogrametry completely, but then you only get those ugly auto-generated buildings. Or you use this mentioned addon, which completely removes those auto-generated trees and just keeps the “pure” photogrametry. Those trees look like smashed potatoes a bit then, but if you keep over 1500ft, you won´t notice that anymore and the overall-looks is way better than those post-apocalyptic-jungle-cities, we currently would get from WU9.

“I am legend”-movie anybody?

It very much seems to me, they are just trying to cover up those not-so-pretty photogrametry-included vegetation with tons of huge auto-generated trees. Too much of it.

My test-region:

WU9 looks currently like this:

As a reference, this region in Google-Earth:

If you use the mentioned addon, MSFS will look like this:

So, in my opinion this addon improves the overall-looks, compared to the WU9 looks, we currently would get, but you can also see, that the photogrametry vegetation from google earth would look a bit better than the one, the sim has integrated.


At least i tried to deliver something provisional in order to hide the problem. Better than nothing and, keep in mind the issue was not about trees being high only but about the density too. You may already know that, but apply a very decent fix with each precise tree location and height for several cities would require ages. We can’t wait for Asobo to implement hotfixes/corrections after months/weeks evey single time a sim update/world update is being released.


@ Mriyaton Exactly! Thanks a lot for your work, it helps a lot!

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Yes you did, well done but really its up to Asobo to fix the these things properly.


Some improvement (buildings near the Domo) yesterday 21 May, but still trees going through buildings:

Its always been the case that trees were growing through the roof tops of some buildings. See Cinematic Flights before and after videos and you still see trees doing that before the latest update. At least you are seeing it differently now though. Weird how the changes took so long to show up on your system.

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Perugia also affected. In the Simulator trailer for update 9, there are none of these trees. Why cant they just do it like the trailer?