Joystick compatibility

Since the SIM has no way of exporting control configs, I doubt there is a way to import configs either. I have the G940 system and its the same deal, no default support in the sim, but it took me about an hour of going through each controller and set everything up. I still have some setup to go, but I can fly now fairly well with control axis pedals, sensitivities and dead zones all configured.

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I have an older CH Flight Sim yoke and pedals which wasn’t listed in the compatible list but was recognized as a CH product and was able to configure all of my sliders, controls, and buttons. However, it will not operate the aircraft controls properly (all or nothing deflection) causing me to lose control on takeoff and crash. I adjusted the settings and the digital sliders react smoothly when I operate the controls but the airplane does not act smoothly. In Xplane everything runs very smoothly. Is this the best I can expect out of these controls? Why does MFS2020 cause it to react so differently? Do I have to go out and buy a whole new set of controls just for MFS2020? Will new CH controls work properly or will I have to stick with what’s on the list?

Yes, I can confirm this issue. I have got the same problem with the Saitek Cyborg evo.
Hope someone have a solution to this

Solution for Saitek Cyborg evo - or either each other joystick with throttle problem (only idle or full power)

I found the solution: It was a wrong configuration for the trottel. Don’t use the both separatly commands for throttle up and down. Use instead the command for the trottle axis. After changing this configuration everythins works fine now.

I found the solution: It was a wrong configuration for the trottel. Don’t use the both separatly commands for throttle up and down. Use instead the command for the trottle axis. After changing this configuration everythins works fine now.

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I can only speak directly to CH controls. They are completely capable of controlling the sim once you manually set up the bindings. The “disconnect” between setting up the bindings and the actual aircraft control is something else. Sorry that I don’t know what is causing your specific problem so I can’t offer an exact answer. Here are a few things to try that might help. (BTW this really applies to almost all peripherals that are recognized by the sim but don’t have default bindings set up.)

  • In the Controls screen, do you have a custom Profile set up for each Controller? Under the controller, it shouldn’t say “Default”. The first time you create a custom binding and apply it, it should prompt to save the custom Profile. Make sure it hasn’t reverted back to Default. This only applies if you have created custom or manual bindings.
  • Are you running any external controller software (CH Control Manager, etc.)? This has caused problems for some users. I run with no external control software or vendor specific drivers.
  • Sometimes it takes restarting the game (or rebooting the PC) to get the custom bindings to start working the first time. This should not be necessary every time you use the sim - it’s just sometimes necessary to get the bindings to stick.
  • As discussed in the online Tutorials and Guides, it is critical that you are binding to the correct commands for “linear” (proportional) inputs like control surfaces, engine controls, etc. You have to use the “Axis” commands - not any simple “on/off”, “up/down”, “left/right” Commands.
  • Even if your controller has a default set of bindings, you should still check them carefully!
  • There have been a few isolated issues with specific USB ports.

Here are the places to start to get a solid grasp on the Controls setup system in the sim:
MSFS Controls Guide: [HOW TO] Use the Interface to Configure Your Controllers

Sim UK


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It sounds like you’ve got the wrong aileron and elevator settings assigned. You need to use the ones marked “axis.” If you don’t do that, the sim reads your yoke as though it was using buttons - and that creates the on/off behavior you’re describing. Try assigning “axis aileron” and “axis elevator.” You’ll probably want to play with the sensitivities but that should get you going. Hope this helps.


Yeah, if the software has to run simultaneously with the game, then there might be problems. With my Saitek HOTAS, I only use its own software to load the “button x = letter y” info into the HOTAS’s own memory, then exit the external software before starting the game.

Thanks, you just saved me from buying a whole new set of controls. Its working now!

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Glad to hear it - happy flying!

I am having many crashes though,random ones back to the desktop. Just now I loaded up and it crashed before booting up all the way. This has become very frustrating and am realizing just how stable XPlane is.
I have an i9 9900k with a RTX 2060 super and was able to put many settings on ultra with a good frame rate. But that isn’t what is causing the crashes. Something unstable in the software that I am unable to pinpoint.

Out of curiosity are you running any Bluetooth or wireless peripherals? I know it sounds trivial but that has sometimes caused some stability issues. Sorry for your frustration!

Same problem here with a Sidewnder Precsion Pro from Microsoft. Not even the picture.


Thanks for posting your solution, I’ll give it a go.

Sorry to hear that. It’s not something I’ve experienced myself, though I’ve read the reports, so unfortunately I don’t have anything to suggest. It looks like some other members have suggestions - hope somebody comes up with a fix for you. Might be worth a Zendesk report, too.

Only my mouse and keyboard and my printer on wireless. If FS2020 can’t handle that then they are going to have a lot of unhappy customers. Wouldn’t this have been fixed during Alpha?

When I plug in my G940 it recognises it and shows me a tab for Joystick, one for the throttle and one for the pedals but the list in the center of the screen remains blank so I am unable to assign anything !

Do you have the settings on the left set to “Assigned” or “All”?


Check to make sure all the wires are connected. Check to make sure the throttle is on mode 1 or 2. Have you updated your firmware? I downloaded 1.42 from here and then did the patch by fred41 that fixes tons of deadzones and glitches of the throttles.

Be sure that the game isn’t open when you do all of this.

This can be found here.

To install:

  1. your device should be already be updated with firmware 1.42
  2. put both executable’s in the same directory and launch ‘g940_patch.exe’
  3. after that, start the patched ‘G940_Update_FW0142.exe’ to update your G940

Also be sure to have the Logitech Profiler installed from here.

Found the problem. My Nvidia driver needed to be updated. What a difference! Now the sim is running smoothly without crashes.

Is the Nimitz joystick compatible with FS2020? My joystick don’t work in aileron and pichtink, only 0 or 100%. Help!