Just Curious as to How to Make Solo Play interesting

Sorry I didn’t have the same issue before, but yes the developer is very active on the NeoFly Discord server which you can join here:

I believe you will definitely find help there.
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FSEconomy is quite nice too to give your flight a meaning. And there are virtual airlines that support VFR flights too. I personally bring my Katana from Hammerfest to cape town… :smiley: I‘m currently parked at a small airfield in Andalusia and my next stop will be Gibraltar. So if you have a goal it makes it more interesting.

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Then I do t think this is the ‘game’ for you. The whole point of FS is going from A to B and enjoying the whole process.

I think it’s a simple matter of passion and curiosity here.

You need to have real interest in planes and flying, enjoy learning while having a good time, discovering the world (which is, for the first time in a sim, very realistic).

I’ve been for 20 years in the flightsim world, combat sim also. I had some moment of less interest, but I’ve always came back flying somehow, despite the fact that it is by far the most expensive PC “game” that you can play if it becomes addictive :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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use “OnAir Manager”, it’s adds “missions” to the Flight Simulator, i love it! Have a look, try it without any payment for 7 days!

  1. Get OnAir it’s great but there is a subscription.
  2. NeoFly is the free version that everyone raves about so worth a look.
  3. Find your House, it’s the done thing in this game.
  4. If, like me, you enjoy Sports then visit all the sporting venues of your favourite sport (football grounds, car racing circuits that sort of thing), that should keep you busy for years!
  5. Fly through valleys in little planes, makes far better viewing than boring flat plains.
  6. If, like me, you enjoy Astronomy and all things Space then visit every Impact Crater and again that should take you a long time (i have this planned for when the VR update comes out)
  7. Plan a meaningful journey, doesn’t matter where, pick a country or continent at random and put a rough flight plan together on Little Navmap or something then have at it. You might be surprised at the sights you see a long the way.
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Well learn to fly, navigate using vor to vor or vfr. Don’t use the autopilot. Get little nav map or vfr charts and plan a flight respecting airspace, alt and speed restrictions.

Flight is boring, Ask many airliner pilots, once the automation is on they become system monitors for X hours. Even in GA with automation it gets boring. You can handfly, but for long periods it’s harder.

Part of flying is planning, checking your route, weather planning for issues, weather issues, terrain possibly, airspace, alt restrictions. Read Notams to see if there is restrictions on your route. Flying VFR into IMC.

All these things add realism and enhance the experience. But ultimately that’s flying, point A to B.

Do tours of the Grand Canyon from the Air, practice IFR, approaches.

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I’m doing a round the world trip in the TBM landing at every capital city.


I get this after every update of Neofly and if you look for More info (clickable link) in the warning it will open a run anyway tab.

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How dare you not mention E6B ??

To the OP @SevenMagic21363: if you don’t wanna buy a physical E6B: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dao.DaoSoftware.FlightComputerSim&hl=en_US&gl=US

But physical E6Bs are very nice.

Youtube has lots and lots of real world tutorials on VFR, IFR, how to do VFR flight plans and flights etc realistically.

OP you also don’t say why you don’t fly multiplayer. Sign up with VATSIM and PilotEdge today. They are not auto-liner exclusive

Very good catch. :+1:

I hear that there’s a Pacman mod for the Garmin.

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