Just needs updates about BIJAMS seasons

thank you for the information, but for a week no update has been offered to me, yet I bought directly from the FSMS market two days before the update. and got stuck every time I tried to start a flight since this update. by deduction I thought of something interfering with the textures. then bingo! but I find it abnormal that a product on the market is on sale while it is blocking the system … ( there the official FSMS and we are one week after update and nothing as update by official ways and without removing this two files FSMS would stay blocked ! )

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I have that mod had it for months bijan is one Dev updates regulary. What seems to be the problem. In fact an update came 1am zulu time.

You may find useful information in this thread:

If you go to the thread mentioned above I am sure that Bijan will email you an update. Apparently he submitted an update to the store some time ago but it is still being processed.

He (as with other devs) is not allowed to answer support questions in the forum thread so maybe just email him and ask him for help. His email address for support is given in the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just opened this for information, will be happy if that did help someone, was so bored this last week to have FSMS blocked since the update ago, I did removed all community stuffs uninstalled PMDG DC6 .
before to thinks that was one Official stuff in Official folder that created this issue difficult to me to understand why Official market let pass that …

Okay. No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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