Keep losing my mouse since WU.....Anyone Else?

Hi there, Is anyone losing their mouse since WU?


Mouse becomes unresponsive and keyboard fails entirely. All since the Jan 31st update. BOO

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Both these issues are almost as old as the sim, and have never been addressed; Common fixes:

  • If you have custom profiles mouse or keyboard. Delete them; fixes the bulk of interface issues with mouse or keyboard.
  • For the Mouse, switch to external view then back, should bring back cursor when lost.
  • If you can’t click in cock-pit anymore, disable the “XBOX” new cockpit interface mode, the other bug where the popouts prevent cockpit interaction (ATC, weather, Weight, and balance) is still not fixed opening them back up and moving them will re-enable cockpit interactions.

These are not “this update” issues but are long-standing issues that go ignored in terms of solution.

[BUG LOGGED] Freelook with the mouse causes controls to freeze after SU5 - Bugs & Issues / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Mouse cursor randomly DOESN’T REAPPEAR when moving around (translation) in the cockpit after last “mouse going to top left corner” fix - Bugs & Issues / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

KNOWN ISSUES (Last update Jan. 31, 2022) – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (


Agree, this one especially is making me crazy. It’s going on since SU5 and not a word, even though it’s a major bug to so many people.

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