KEMT (El Monte Airport/San Gabriel Valley Airport) Broken Runway

Brief description of the issue:

Runway at KEMT in Los Angeles is broken and the terrain around the runway and airport has slices and elevation changes with parts of the runway sticking out. If you don’t get into the air within the first 1/2 Your airplane hits an invisible barrier and your plane flips over.

3rd party freeware developers have attempted to fix this issue, but terraforming does not give expected result. Current Runway is just unusable.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Repo Option 1: Select KEMT and choose Runway 19 as departure. Begin takeoff roll, 1/2 down the runway your plane will flip over.

Repo Option 2: Land Runway 19 and rollout past taxi way Delta. Your plane will flip over.

Hi @bobnoone,
Make sure you also report this to zendesk so that it’s in their bug tracker. Do this for any “glitch” you find at an airport or in scenery.


Thanks Hester, just did.
Big bumps on KPCM Verticalsim runway, trees are not right and do not load on runway. delete and redownload but no luck.

I reported this via Zendesk months ago, hopefully they’ll fix the underlying terrain issue. Myself and other freeware scenery developers have tried multiple ways to flatten and fix this runway. We’ve been able to smooth it somewhat, but haven’t been able to remove the bump altogether.

Landing left of centerline avoids flipping your plane most of the time.

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No Update from Zendesk in those months? I reported it there also but now I don’t have hopes for a fix anytime soon… which is a shame, its a great little airport in So Cal.

My submission was closed and marked “Solved”, which to my understanding just means that they have received the request and are looking into it based on their internal priorities. It doesn’t mean the issue is actually solved in future updates.

Looks like I got that same response yesterday. Marked as “Solved” and replied:

“We have recorded the bug you have submitted in our internal bug and issue tracker.”

Guess we’ll wait and see if this ever gets fixed. A few other So-Cal airports have a similar issue, maybe we need to report a bigger widespread bug rather than a single airport. I’m going to compile a list and probably re-submit all that I can find.

You are correct! It means it’s now in their internal system.

Long Beach Airport has it as well on the western taxiway heading from 26L to the approach on Runway 30. Who knows what they named it, as its not correct at that airport. It should be taxiway D at D2. Its right at the spring street tunnel, it will flip your plane if you go down the middle of the taxiway,

Like a big hump sticking up,

Flew the trap at El Monte yesterday, and got flipped both landing and taking off. Did not expect it on landing, i was like what happened…

Related to the EMT runway tear, this thread covers many other instances of this bug that you might want to check out to see if you agree with. Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas

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