King Air 350i Avionics improvements

A mod asked me to split the original topic into multiple ones, since I had too many requests.

King Air 350 avionics are very incomplete : no ADF/DME, no weather radar, no barometer, very few engine parameters.

At the absolute LEAST, I would like to see some kind of wind indication in the King Air. This is my plane of choice however I have to sacrifice knowing what the wind is doing because there is no indication. For me, in a perfect world I guess, I would also have the ability to display on board weather radar so I can know what levels storms are at and where I can have a smoother ride.

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I really regret having spent money on the premium and deluxe planes. They are the last ones to get any correction and improvement. Most of them are buggy from the launch day.


I just flew the KA350 for the first time in a few months. I think it is worse now then when we started out in Aug. Apparently they forgot why we purchased the Premium Edition.

I agree, the King Air is probably the worst aircraft in MSFS.

This party comes down to the fact they have created a weird Frankenstein version that physically represents a Collins ProLine Fusion cockpit, yet the avionics implemented are those of the Garmin G3000, pretending to be a ProLine. Ultimately all we got was a broken, half finished product that is missing important features, and incredibly unintuitive to use.

20 odd years of a bugged turboprop engine model in the MSFS series doesn’t help either.

Really makes me long for the AeroWorx B200 and all it’s engine modelling, steam cockpit goodness!


B200 is my favorite plane!

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Yeah this and the other aircraft really show how they half ■■■■■ the whole process. 0 actual research and awful implementation. Wish I didn’t bother with the “premium”