King Air Cockpit in VR

So, just in case I’m doing something wrong… :slightly_smiling_face:

I find this cockpit to be very flaky in VR. Many switches and knobs are very hit and miss to get the mouse to engage with them, and manipulating the touch screen displays is even worse, to the point that if I want to scroll through a flight plan I have to switch out to 2D. The mouse cursor doesn’t seem to want to be on the same 3D plane as the switches.

Is this just me? I hadn’t really flown it in VR up until recently, and don’t have any issues with the other planes that I fly regularly in VR (Cessnas 152, 172 and CJ4, TBM 930, the DA62 and the Bonanza).

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Some planes the alignment of the left eye and right eye are off by a bit. Seems like most of the planes, but was noticing the A320NX mod was not bad.

You need to just close one eye and and get the switch lined up… Im not sure why this game is off, hopefully they can fix it.

You can can fly other sims, and its not this way…

It’s not just you :slight_smile: Vote here:
Until we have finger tracking, VR controllers are IMHO the best (and only) way to properly interact with all buttons, switches and controls (except for the yoke/padals of course). You can see how I’m dealing with 737 in X-Plane at that post. Compared to the ease and realism of that, mouse feels awkward and clunky, not to mention a major immersion-breaker…

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Don’t think it’s eye alignment, but I’ll give it a try. :slightly_smiling_face: More like that the mouse cursor isn’t on the correct plane (forward and up and down). Happens occasionally in other planes, but is very noticeable in the King Air, perhaps because the cockpit and instrument panels are less flat on?

And @RomanDesign while I hope you get your controller support, that’s not really what I’m after, happy playing with joystick and throttle and cannot imagine trying to incorporate controllers in with that. :slightly_smiling_face: Mouse works fine most of the time, just noticed it seems a bit off in this cockpit.

I guess it’s very personal, but for me it doesn’t compare. With a controller strapped to my right hand I actually interact with all controls, rotate dials, flip siwthes, pull up gear lefer, flaps, throttle, radios etc. in the same physical space they are in a real aircraft. And left hand is on the throttle, and I can help with my right hand on the yoke when I want. It’s almost perfect in X-Plane. Muscular memory takes care of reaching and using anything without thinking. Mouse just introduces another layer on top, it’s a bother…

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I find it nearly unflyable. Takes so long to find a sweet spot for a switch that it would be easy to fly into a mountain!

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