Lead engineer of IL-2 Sturmovik joins MSFS team. Could mean further enhancements to MSFS flight model

I said the 20 KM CFD is coming in SU 11. That’s about 1.5 months away. It’s not in the current SU 10.

I believe thermals will be implemented in the 20 KM CFD, and other air movement. They showed a brief video on the 20 KM CFD in one of the past Twitch Q&As. Sorry I don’t have the link, but you can search the past Twitch Q&As if you really want to find more information about it. It was from a few months ago.

Edit: This isn’t the Twitch Q&A, but here is the quote from Seb from an interview on the upcoming 20 KM CFD:

Something we are currently working on that will not be for Sim Update 10: The problem with this system is that it works very locally and generates local thermals that don’t combine when they go up. The air that goes up somewhere else needs to go back down. It doesn’t create any vortices, turbulence on the side of thermals, anything like that yet. So there’s research work going on that took the CFD of the airplanes and expanded that 20-ish km around the plane. So that’s a really, very, very, very big CFD running and it goes pretty high as well. And we hope that sometime this year, we’ll to get that to simulate the airflows in the atmosphere to get nicer updrafts that can combine so that only bigger fields get updrafts when you go higher up, that you get vortices with air going back down, and all sorts of different local wind effects that we don’t really get from live weather. Live weather gives us wind gusts and direction, but it’s something a bit more for the area.