Let's collect locations with water masks already applied

Don’t know if this is the correct thread, but the masks don’t show up for me on any of these locations, despite my community folder being empty. Does anyone here know how to fix this? :slight_smile:



We need more! Anyone found new places?

Galapagos Islands, near Isabela airport


The Netherlands, Vlieland eastern side of the island. The colors are as they should be. Left and top shows the land side, which has brackish water, with water plants and algae, on the right you see the northern beach, which is North Sea (salt, much smaller algae)


World update V

-12,811907, 45,272200


16,157964, -61,567850

16,330541, -61,598287


Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon) in Iceland looks epic with the watermask after WU5:


Great shots.

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Guys, it’s happening!

The last update gifted us with water masking of much of the Caribbean!

Basically you can go from Turks & Caicos to Grenada (including St. Marten, Antigua & Barbuda, Guadeloupe, etc.) and always have it beautifully done. There’s too many screenshots I could post here, but just to let you know. Absolutely stunning.

There are a few exceptions like Jamaica & Martinique where the masking is still missing.



There’s a fun landing challenge with gorgeous water masks if you take a bush plane out of the FMCR airstrip in Mayotte and head just off shore to the east. Don’t forget your snorkel.


I wonder if they’re going to be adding more water masks before the game releases on Xbox Series X next month so it looks like the trailers we’ve been seeing for so long. If not, I’m sure people will bring up the water masking issue all over again, especially since the Xbox Series X version trailer shows tropical areas with water masks applied.

My favourite thread! Is it a map available?

Do you also have a huge hole in the watermask on the bottom right corner of Mayotte ? I checked on Bing Maps and it looks fine there.
Take off from FMCR facing South, the hole should be right in front.

A shame because the island looks stunning otherwise.

Asobo promised one several months back but it is yet to materialise!

Asobo have water masking already on their very full agenda so expect future upgrades. Eventually they are actually looking at ways to map the seabed and implement tidal flows which if mastered by A.I. will save them a lot of time and work compared to masking individual locations by hand. However apparently it’s a long way off so we will just have to be patient.

So instead of doing it by hand they’ll leave it up to A.I.? I can already see a lot of issues with that happening. The A.I. isn’t even perfect when it comes to rendering places that don’t have photogrammetry, unless that’s something they’re also fixing as well.

The world’s land surface area = 57,506,000 square miles, without A.I. the guy doing all the hand fixes won’t even have time to stop for coffee.

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Some more water masks found around the Lofoten Islands, Norway:


Heum , did they just Water masked a whole lot of the planet ? :heart_eyes:

West coast of New Caladonia in the aptly named coral Sea which is of the East coast of Australia.