Lets just take a step back and say "Thank you" to ASOBO / MS

Credit where it is due … thank you Asobo / Miscrosoft.
If anyone has any doubt about this sim, let him/her simply ask themselves “What would I do without it?”


A good way to look at it :slightly_smiling_face:

I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to the civ sim I used before MSFS.

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This is like saying thank you to Samsung for my washing machine, which washes well or apple for their mobile phones or any other companies that makes a useful commercial product or provide a service! We have paid MS/Asobo a whole lot pounds/dollars/pesos for the privilege of owning this great software product and I am grateful for it, but they are commercial company providing a much needed service to the flightsim community. :joy:


Plenty to do in other sims with better flight models.


Thats a very ambiguous comment, would you kindly elaborate. I only ask, because I love flight simming. Maybe I can broaden my simming experience. Thanks

That is a rather strange argument. You might not believe their word. But surely then, you would want to see if it is true in 2024 when it releases, by either reviews or asking people. I mean then, it is a definite fact or not. But to state that you will not believe a word until everything is fixed in 2020. What is done in 2020 does not in any way guarantee what will be in 2024. The argument that all fixes must be done to 2020 before you will believe and think about 2024 is really just a way to try to get all 2024 updates applied to 2020 so you don’t have to pay for a new edition.

Why do you believe someone who promises so much regarding one thing (2024)
when the promises they made to 2020 have been silently dropped or never even started and I’m talking huge bugs like the inability to save properly , mirrored textures on planes the dreaded horizon line which frankly never bothered me, the cgl bug, the fact you move around the world map it ctd’s, MP players not appearing, borked live weather, clouds not quite fluffy enough according to some oh i could type these for hours. If i am to buy 2024 i want to make sure I’m not getting all this. the worst part most of these bugs were actually introduced .
you say i want 2020 updated to 2024 well that’s a silly statement since no one knows what 2024 will have in it only it will be able to use MOST content for 2020 ( note they used the word most not all so if it doesn’t work they can cover their backs). so i don’t get the hype when they haven’t exactly proved themselves in 2020 bug wise. But as i said before which you probably didn’t read they have done lots of good and i still enjoy the product I’m just not a sycophant


I’m not a sychophant. Its just that the statement was that you won’t even consider purchasing 2024 until these bugs are resolved in 2020. Shouldn’t the two products be considered indepentently? Shouldnt purchase conditions be that they are resolved in 2024? The reason for 2024 was some of these things could not be resolved easily if at all with the 2020 architecture.

No i never said that , people never read posts properly what i said was

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Offtopic adjustment

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This is like saying “thank you” to the low effort devs for giving us an airplane we can fly in this sim. As opposed to saying “thank you” to the devs who are dedicated to building high-fidelity models with good flight dynamics.

The fact that FS2020 is a commercial product doesn’t diminish my appreciation for it. Same with DCS. I love it for what it is.


Many thanks for your kind reply to my post, unfortunately many of us have had so many CTD’s or other weird problems related to the current version of our beloved FS2020 that we don’t know whether to thank the developer or put a contract on their head! :rofl:


I guess let me make an analogy. Say you have a son. Its his 13th birthday party. All the relatives and his friends are gathered. The whole purpose of the party is the celebrate your sons birthday. But while you have his attention, in front of everyone, you now tell him how he has disappointed you, things that really bother you, etc.

The point of that analogy is, there are times and places to say things. There are PLENTY of threads in the FS2024 section where everyone is airing all their complaints. This thread was for those who wish to say something nice to the developers should you feel like you want to. I understand, there may be some things about 2020 people are not satisfied about. But why must they be expressed here? I fail to understand why every single thread, regardless of the original intent of it, there needs to be people deciding to air their grievances. There are PLENTY of places that it can be done on these forums. No one is saying that people shouldnt express their views. But can’t people choose whether a topic is appropriate for that or not? It very much is like the example of the parent at the birthday party. Sometimes some venues aren’t the right time or place to offer grievances. It comes off as petty and tacky. Its not censoring, which I am sure people responding to this will try to say. No. Feel free to express what you want in the myriad of other topics on this forum that it makes sense. But the original poster and most people responding here wanted to express their thanks. Why is it so important that any attempt at saying something nice has to be smothered with a list of grievances?


I keep wondering why I don’t. I guess that’s just another thing I should be grateful for.

I really enjoy this Sim/Game it’s been worth every penny as far as I’m concerned.
It continues to improve and evolve.

Good for you, so do I, but we showed our love to Asobo/Microsoft by paying for this software, making them a lot of money worldwide. There are some on this forum far too serious, and distinctly lacking in humour and write very long pointless posts.
We are all friends here lets enjoy our great hobby and inject humour in to our posts.

You are extremely lucky, but it can happen to any other software, as there are so many different pc configurations plus the xbox to deal with in the world, the developers in my opinion are doing quite well considering how complex the application is.

Don’t think it ever hurts to be appreciative of the work someone has done even if it’s something you’ve paid for.

I’ve had hundreds of hours in the sim and I’m miles off some people here who have many thousands of hours. For the cost up front the sim is fantastic value and i get great enjoyment from it. Been using the sim since day 1 and it’s come on so much in those 3 years it’s hard to believe.

I am also grateful to other devs for other games I’ve also paid for - Witcher 3, GTA 5 etc. No harm in that.

Edit - long since given up trying to stop people hijacking every positive thread with their complaints. Haters gonna hate


Finally it’s a game. Like our lifes. You are only responsible for all your decisions. And nothing or nobody is perfect ;). The improvement in this game (MSFS) it’s fantastic, take a look back. Having a lot of fun into flying in VR. Thanks Asobo.

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A very good flight sim.

In this franchise, Asobo and Microsoft did a fantastic job reviving the legacy of MSFS and created a visual masterpiece.
Many many many features where vacant/removed at launch, and they focused on what most/typical gamers and flyers wanted: visuals and aerodynamics.
Other stuff like ATC, Avionics (still a work in progress as 2024 approaches) and Replays/Multi-Monitor (woeful compared to FSX) and weather are not exactly leaps of success from FSX :laughing:

It is very easy to appreciate Asobo/MS its a solid revival to the franchise and i can only hope 2024 version goes even FURTHER in-depth.


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