Let's talk about LOD

So I’ve been having some, let’s call them “issues”, with what I’m getting in terms of LOD.

I found a good freeware mod to fix the tree LOD problems here, and so far it appears to be working pretty good with no noticeable performance hit, so I’m good with that issue.

The 2 that are bugging me are (believe it or not) the landing gear of other aircraft, when I’m driving around the parking lot they are not visible until I get really close to the aircraft and that’s quite jarring, as well as the draw distance (?) for hills and valleys. They seems to be “popping in” all the way up until I’m pert near completely over them in many cases.

Is anyone aware of any addons and/or setting changes that might help with either of these?

2D might have the exact same issues, but I don’t fly in 2D anymore, so I simply don’t know.

(Though I might have to bite the bullet and go do some 2D flying if for no other reason than to keep my collection of good screen shots growing. But those will be very well planned, not just spontaneous “hey, this looks cool” opportunistic screenies. They’re just not the same in VR, especially when the goal is to have a large (and growing) collection of shots for my desktop background slideshow.)

BUT… back on topic… Any suggestions re the LOD issues?

Tired of gearless planes and mountains that constantly change shape before my very eyes

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Sure (you know me…):

You might want to read this:
LOD: settings and suggestions
LOD Problems - Distances revisited

Then vote:
Very low LOD drawdistance on multiplayer aircrafts!
Increase distance threshold to see other aircraft navigation and strobe lights at night

This table is showing at 600m from the texture, you’re already using a texture resolution which is 64 times smaller than below 75m… imagine at 30000ft…

But like they said in the last Q&A: “LOD problem? what problem?” reminds me Matrix “There is no spoon…”

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There’s all sorts of LOD issues in this Sim currently, no amount of Settings fixes it for me (I’ve tried with Maxing everything out); some POI just don’t appear until you’re literally on top of them, Aircraft wheels as you mention, poor representation of Trees (therefore I installed the Tree Mod too), Hills/Mountains not rendering correctly etc etc

What I have noticed in VR is some Scenery Items or Other stuff appears in my peripheral vision but disappears when I look straight at it. I need to make a proper note of this and add a potential “Bug” Report for it when I see it again.


I’ve found that whereas one would think things would look better with higher settings (buildings etc) actually in VR apart from the render scaling and terrain setting (and trees) its best not to crank the settings up too far. I now have it so the draw distance (although its not called DD) is low and distant buildings are not really rendered at all.

I’ve found in other sims too that higher graphics settings that would look great in 2D, just tend to clutter things up and make everything shimmery or smeared (or just plain messy) in VR. Things look good up close and bad in the distance so I find its just best to reduce that distracting clutter as much as possible.

For me, the best results graphically speaking are attained by getting the resolution as high as possible (without tanking performance) and pretty much everything else (apart from terrain) as low as possible, because many of the settings actually seem to make things worse big picture wise.

Less is more at least for me anyway!


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