Little Navmap again

Thanks for nothing.
How do I find the Community Support or Utilities forums ??

äh what? What is your problem with LNM? Perhaps you should give some background so that we are able to help - otherwise this post is somewhat pointless :man_shrugging:

And the post is in the wrong category. It belongs into the “Community Support” section :wink:

[Edit]: the thread below (from @mk89ns) is the better option to go with, “Community Support” is more for MSFS internal problems, less for external utilities. Sorry for the confusion.

You can post in the thread below, the developer (Alex) visits it and answers the question.


What on earth are you moaning about? Alex does this for free and is always very helpful both on the developer forum and over at avsim.

If you have a problem then please tell us what the problem is.


Topic Author was directed to support thread.