LittleNavmapOFMTheme plugin for littlenav map


i cant see the openflight map with the addon for lnm. its only baxkground black. i cant see the vfr map from openflight

pls help me, if have everywhere more info for me

many thx

There is a support forum for Little Navmap here:

Or, you know, you could just go to the topic on this very forum.

The dev is very quick to respond and help with any questions.

Have a look here:

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Thx for the Info, but in the zip plugin is in openflight only one file. and the folder before openflight is a license file and folder with github.
but openflight folder its only one file

I guess, you have downloaded the wrong file from gifthub. Make sure to download the release.


If you can give me the right link in github for me ?
thx a lot


Here it is, the direct download link for

Download it and extract the zip file into the Little Navmap\data\maps\earth directory.