Live Weather down again

Tried to fly tonight and found live weather down once again. This has to stop…

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I’ve heard it mentioned that weather is down every night at this time ( Live weather down every day from 23:30 - 00:12 Zulu (6:00p-7:12p EST) - Bugs & Issues / Weather - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums)

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Up for me (doing a long XC in the US atm).

Yes its down now. Same time as yesterday

What is KAMA showing for y’all?

It’s 23:00-00:12z, precisely, every day, but only for new flights – if you started before 23:00z you’re ok.

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Steam Version also having the same problem

When does it come back up?

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There is a known issue where Live Weather goes down daily.

See this topic:

This is also pinned in #community:news-and-announcements: