Live Weather not working on Xbox

Status: ‘Online’
Servers: Automatic [West Europe] 20ms

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I have same problem with XBOX SS


Same here, everytime i change weather, few seconds later it reverts back to live weather and time? Also mouse stop working (Xbox Series X)


Same here, extremely frustrating!!!, reinstalling now to see if that makes any difference

Same problem

This finally fixed it for me after a lot of frustration and time.

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This problem of not being able to change the time or weather occured after update 5 and I still have not seen a fix

Hello !
same problem here: stuck on the 29th of July, no matter what. Always clear sky. When i try to change the weather, before or during the flight, all reset (date, hour, and no cloud). Very frustrating.
i tried to desinstall - re install but nothing changed…
I’m playing on Xbox SeriesX
good luck everyone !

thank you for the tip. Problem seems solved !! :smiley:

Same here.Its stuck in clear sky and wrong date.
If you change any of weather or time settings, it pops right back.
Reinstalled the game.No luck.

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Same with me so frustrating

I really hope they fix it seen its been happening for some people on pc from day one

Same problem for me!!

I had a friend re-invite me to a Group as suggested in point 1. I click the accept button but when I do a “you left the group” message appears but I’m in a Group and able to fly with my friend. However, when I click the Leave Group icon it does nothing I assume because it thinks I left the Group when I clicked accept??

Same problem for me.

I have the exact same issue (created an account here to report it). It’s really annoying, I was totally enjoying the game but will sadly have to stop playing until this issue is fixed as it completely kills the simulation aspect for me. Hopefully Asobo has a quick fix for this!


Ok, I have resolved this and it does appear to be related to using the Group flying i.e. you’ve flown online with a friend. If the person who hosts the Group leaves before you do then the Live and Custom time / weather stop. I resolved it by hosting a Group and inviting the friend I flew with. I had them leave the Group then I left the Group and Live function appear to be working for both of us.

Note: we did experiment where I as the host left first and my friends Live / custom functions stopped working. Re-inviting them and letting them leave first re-enabled their Live / custom settings.

Hope this helps…agree its frustrating and probably needs a user guide somewhere.


After the latest hotfix, I tested and this issue is still occurring :frowning:

same problem it keeps changing to clear skies every time i start a flight

Same issue, also getting blurry textures, buildings not loading correctly. I’ve 240Mbps download, 26Mbps upload fiber optic connection, wired directly from a Netduma router to Xbox Series X.