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Why does my logbook seem to delete flights all the time on Xbox series S? My profile is showing 667 hours which in reality it should be around 900 - 1000 hrs now! So I quit the game, loaded it back up and went back into the logbook and now it’s saying 660 hours with the last flight I did missing. It doesn’t seem to show anything above 3 hours for some reason. I did a flight from Tenerife to Bergen yesterday which was nearly 6 hours! That’s missing and also I did a flight from San Francisco to London and now that’s missing too. Any feedback guys or anyone else experiencing the same problem.

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My observations are, that FS runs sometimes into an instable mode (e.g. due to a break during the flight). When you reach this state you loss every flight till you quit FS and restart. There is also a known issue, that quick resume on xbox generates such an instable state.

Therefore I try to prevent breaks during flights and when I make a break after a flight I quit FS and restart. Since I do this procedure, I reduced the number of lost flights.

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Hi thanks for the reply. I do restart the game after each flight as I find sometimes if I finish a flight and then start another new flight, everything is going ok until the session loads up and then 8/10 the game crashes, so I’ve just gotten used to restarting the game after each flight has been completed. It’s a bit annoyling and shouldn’t have to do it but I do. And then once loaded up again the game is fine 8/10. Might get the odd bug here and there. But the problem with the log book is a wierd one as it only shows the short flights I do and none of the long haul ones, which may I add I do quite alot of. My hours are logged as 660 on my profile but in reality it’s more like 1060, theres just loads missing where they haven’t been recorded, at least it shows up in the log book when I finish the flight but as soon as I restart the game and go back in logbook to check, it’s vanished like I never even did the flight at all, it’s very strange. I hate to complain about the game as I think it’s brilliant and im so addicted. And I’m sure the guys are aware of the matter and a fix is in the making. Or well I hope it is anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope, when they fix it, the data of the profile are recovered by data from statistics too. There you have your real overall flight time, but the profile shows the sum of the incomplete log book.

I summarized my observations at https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/achievements-comprehensive-list-of-bugs-and-workarounds/486654/6?u=bruchpilot3550

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Thanks for the heads up, and yes I hope it is sorted as I would like to see what my real amount of flight hours are but I’m pretty certain… infact I’m 99.9 % sure it’s over a 1000 hours. It’s just got to be with the amount of flying I do.

There really need to be some USER end Logbook management – ie backup / restore / Edit


I really want to delete those 0 minute flights you get after shutting down the plane. Asobo really halfassed the removal of the exit or continue post-flight screen :roll_eyes:


I’ve also managed to fly a long haul flight without it pausing during the flight by letting Spotify play in the background, this way after one hour of not using the controller the flight won’t automatically pause, the flight will just carry on as normal without a break. I thought this may be the cause to my long haul flights not being recorded in the log book because of the pause during flight! but no, even without a pause during flight my log book is still deleting any flights that last above 3 hrs, after they have been completed!so I tried it with a pause during flight but still the same thing, so frustrating! I should be well past the 1000 hours benchmark right now.

Mine has started doing this. Just wasted 5 hours of my life between todsy and yesterday both 2.5 hour flights gone once I restarted back down to 93 hours when I was in 95 originally

Mate I’ve done long haul flights all week and racked up about 50 hours more or less and none of it has been saved to my log book, when I say if I go into the log book after the flight it shows but as soon as I quit the game and reload and go into my log book it’s gone. My overall flight hours is 660 and has been for just over a week. I didn’t really notice it b4 but until I checked through my log book there is loads missing. For some reason it’s only loging flights upto 3 hrs or just over. Like I said earlier in the thread that I should be on well above 1000 hours by now with the amount of flying I do/have done. I really have lost all interest now, I know I have done the flights. When I finish my flight now I take a screen shot of the summary after I finish the flight just so I have it.

Are you in “Dev” mode?

Are you doing a fresh load for each flight ?

I know mine defiantly wasn’t fresh loads as the one last night was quick resume with a pre set weather and today it wasn’t because I didn’t take the extra weight into account and crashed the plane so had to restart. I’m yet to try another one to see if it’s just because it’s not a fresh restart of the game or if it’s just not counting flights over a x amount of time or if it’s because I unplug my battery while I’m cruise just stop the pause menu coming up

Hopefully this will be sorted soon because at the moment it’s fix one thing and another is broken.

I’ll report back with my findings when I dare sit for 2/3 hours and risk loosing my time

Yes I do a fresh start evrytime as I got into the habit of restarting the game after each flight because if I did one flight, finished then started a new flight it would load up and then crash! So it’s just easier to quit and reload before a fresh flight. I let Spotify play in the background and stops the game pausing during flight as I thought because of the pause it was the problem with not logging my flights but it isn’t. I’ve tried with and without Spotify playing now and still the same issue. I’ve just finished a flight from Munich to Boston 8hrs 22 mins. It’s dissapeared from my log book again which is no suprise but it’s not gonna stop me I like doing long haul flights. When you crashed did you run out of fuel?

I’m not running beta

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I know mine wasn’t from quick resume as I didn’t know about this bug until then. I’ve since done 2 with fresh starts and they do count. I haven’t tried a second to see if it gets deleted yet

To stop my sim paying I just unplug the battery from the remote. It doesn’t Chuck the pause menu up like it does if you press and hold the Xbox button but that’s obviously on the Xbox.

And no I crashed because I didn’t take into account the extra weight I’d put into the aircraft so just stalled when I pulled back too early

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I am seeing this same problem on my xbox series S. I frequently restart, it just seems that the type of “restart” varies. Sometimes it is a fast reboot and other times it is a full reboot. Hope they get this sorted out.

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