Log Book Not Recording Landings?

Relative newbie here. I am finding that some landings are not being recorded in the log book and that the destination has recorded as [Airport code] vincinity.

This seems to occur at smaller airports with no ATC responses.

I’m not sure whether it’s due to bad landings. I have a suspicion it might be that I am touching down too far down the runway or it might be that I am not taxiing to the correct finishing point i.e. parking gate.

Not sure whether this is a bug or me doing something wrong. I feel like the landings should be logged I’ve definitely landed on the runway and my plane finishes parked near other aircraft on the apron.

Finally a question, when I land at a runway without air traffic control I don’t get guided to the gate/parking ramp. Is there any way to work out where ramp n is at an airfield where I am not familiar with the layout.

  1. Logbook is b0rked, at best it shows flights you done a few days ago. Seems like it’s not a priority for Asobo right now.

  2. Google “Aerodome chart” for the specific airport you are going from and to. Just don’t expect the ingame taxiways to match reality, that is what payware airports are for. Some taxiways at major airports even need a serious do-over with a lawnmower.

There is plenty of known bugs/issues in this thread, i suggest you read it:

Mine worked yesterday. Land-taxi to parking-shut the engines and electronics off and it recorded the flight to logbook.

@Ichinin I’m not seeing anything on the known issues list that mentions the log book.

Having done a couple more flights I would agree with your summary that the log book is knackered. I’ve had the odd issue pre-update but none of the flgihts I have done since installing the latest update have logged correctly.

I’d really like to help Asobo identify the problem. Therefore I would like to understand what is a known issue, what is an introduced issue and under what circumstances the flight does not record properly.

I’ve worked in software development projects so I have a pretty good understanding of how important detailed feedback with recreatable scenarios is for the development team.

I was hoping the community would help me understand the parameters of just ohw ‘b0rked’ the log book is.

Restart the game and computer a couple times, it started working for me after that.

I have lost many hour to flights that don’t get recorded. I land and only option is to take off again. Landed by ILS then told to exit runway, but no parking option. Really, stupid. Just did a 4 hr flight and get no logbook entry. You can tell it will happen when you park, shut down the plane and it just sits there. No log screen.

Whether landing in controlled or uncontrolled airports, consider dropping the Options / General / Worker Density setting to 10 or 20. This will dramatically reduce their number and make them easier to find - specifically, you want to locate the guy with the cart and his flagman. Taxi to them - you’ll know you have it right when the flagmen guides you in and “surrenders” (arms raised straight up). NOW shut down the engine and electrical system.

I had issues with the Logbook not being properly updated when I was in Developer Mode. Once I turned that off and restarted the simulator all flights afterwards were logged correctly.

A couple of hours ago I taxied right up to a man that that raised his arms to signal me to stop and I still didn’t get credit for the 2 hr flight.