Logbook and some Achievements wiped clean

Today I got one of these messages “Packages out of date” grrrrrr
Subseqently flight simulator froze up completely, wouldn’t take any more key input and wouldn’t even let me got to task manager or windows start menu, so I had to hard reset the computer. Not good for MSFS, don’t do that.
As a result, my logbook was completely wiped clean, showed 0 flights. That’s annoying :unamused:
My accounts flying hours were reset to 0, I had more 530.
And some of the really difficult achievements were also reset to 0%, like e.g. Jack of all Planes, Journeyman and others that require long lasting effort. I only had 3 more achievments to go (World Traveller, Wing Commander and Decathlon), well that was that…
XBOX Console Companion App of course still showes these achievement, but in the game I will certainly not redo the lost ones. Since counting achievement progess did never work in any compehensible way, nevermind.

Well, forget about past achievement and flights and move on. First thing I’ll do is to install all the great community mods, like A32NX, WT CJ4, GNS530 mod and so on. I had never done that before.

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