Long haul performance degradation back with SU12?

Fair enough, the license check is lame at least on the beta (I haven’t tried non-beta with network off today). Though it’s a bit of a stretch to go from that to “therefore this is the precise cause of this precise mysterious slowdown that some but not all people see sometimes”.

I suspect the cause is rather more simple and involves leaking of generated objects that should get dropped out of the simulation over time and don’t. This would make sense, and doesn’t require any magic guesses about how networks could cause problems that don’t sound like network problems.

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Fair point. It’s the best I could think of though given this problem randomly comes and goes with no changes on the users end. I’ve literally changed nothing from the previous month (and I’m not on beta) and out of the blue perf degradation is back. After I had a whole month of doing some of the worlds longest flights.

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The reason I’m not convinced by the memory leak theory is that I can do the exact same flight with no changes to scenery/AI/weather and I get different outcomes (vastly different).

If it were a code based error, would the outcome change so much.

Some days I lose FPS (and the CPU/GPU usage tanks). Other days I end up with a blurry mess of textures. Then on the good days, everything works brilliantly. There is just too much variation for me to think it is anything else but server based

A few weeks ago this was fixed by disabling air traffic, boat traffic and car traffic. (airport vehicles can be left turned on)

I think that somehow the memory is full after a long flight. That’s why it stutters like hell after landing. But there are also players who don’t have this problem.

I think the folks who don’t have problems this severe are like myself… they have so much overhead with their system that performance impacts don’t equate the same way when comparing to someone with a more basic system.

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I’ve recently been getting an issue when flying on MSFS. Loading into the sim (usually fenix 320 or PMDG 737) I’m sitting at a solid 80-100 fps with my 4080 on TAA and frame gen on.

In the climb and cruise, all seems good.

Upon arrival to my to another airport - the frames and stutters increase. Dropping at least an average of 40/50 fps. I know this isn’t horrendous but it wasn’t happening before when i was first running the 4080.

Any suggestions?



I’m also having performance degradation after long haul flights (more than 4h). At the app phase FPS drops to 16-20 (i have it caped and tuned to maintain 30fps stable with the sim VSync), but when closed and started the sim again… same scenery, same everything but now 30 fps without any problems.

I don’t have AI or live traffic, or multiplayer. No ground aircraft, airport vehicle and worker to 30%, Land and sea traffic to 40%.

After 3 years of MSFS still a pain in the ■■■ trying to debug why the sim does this things

Closed as improved in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now

Note in the recent Developer Stream, this will continued to be improved in the coming Sim Update.