Long loading times because of big Community Folder

Just want to add my $.02. I have 100+ mods to totaling around 60Gb. I run on a newer laptop (10875h/2080S max-q/32Gb/1 Tb NVMe). I never have to wait more than 2 mins from icon click to main flight selection menu.

So what’s different? I do have an NVMe drive. It can’t be just that?

One thing I do frequently, whenever I add or change my Community folder I delete my Content.xml file in the LocalCache directory. It’s definitely slower (like 3 min), but after that the sim loads very fast.

Maybe something for you all to try??


how do you handle it ???

Well your answer is in your question. You have a large community folder so the sim is having to read more on launch dont put stuff in you wont user often and clear it out problem solved.

In the long run we need a solution like @Azphilosopher proposed, but at the moment the best thing is having 2 folders, and draging to the community folder only what you are gonna use for that flight. Or use a package manager.

Do we have the same problem with Marketplace Items ?

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I wondered too about the packaged marketplace items. I purchased the London city add on by Orbx and assumed that data would only get looked at and loaded up if I flew around the south of England but now I’m not so sure. Whatever system they end up with for the Community folder should also be implemented with all the rest of their scenery data. Know it’s there but only load it all up if you’re within say 100 miles of the area covered. In fact I’d be fascinated if somewhere on the screen you could have an optional status message box that told you that a new area was being loaded up as you flew near it. You could then be not surprised by the stutters that happen as you approach some highly detailed city or point of interest and it would satisfy the “nerd factor” inherent in many of us.

Thank you. That sounds like a great interim solution. Do you have an actual link to that program?

[Freeware] Peeyem, a simple package manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator [v0.2.0]:

Here’s the link for you.

I have been using for several days and find it a very easy way to manage content on a flight by flight basis. Just a few clicks within the program, prior to loading the sim, reduces loading time.


I did see some significant performance gains when I removed a liveries pack with 150 odd liveries and 1.5gb. It would make sense as the sim would need to load all the liveries models into the menu each time whereas scenery is dependent on location.

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Do you have any big scenery mods that replace cities/regions? This are the ones that seem to impact loading times. Landmarks, liveries and airports do not really impact it much.

If you do have those big scenery mods installed might check if they are in proper folder format as it is likely that they aren’t being loaded properly or another mod is overriding it.

Long loading times with big scenery mods is pretty consistent so something is not loading. I have an nvme drive and just putting in the London and Sydney freeware mods pushed mine to 20 min.

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Hi! Not sure if you meant to ask me, but I have a few, like the Istanbul one (2.7G), Yosemite (1.8G), etc. I don’t have any problems loading scenery, I can login very quickly.

Geez, I haven’t added scenery… How do people have like 60GB?!

Hmm. Maybe it depends on how the scenery is created/packaged.

Now that I think about it I had Istanbul prior to the other 2 and don’t recall an impact.

Probably that as the payware don’t seem to increase load times by much.

Some city enhancements are 5 to 10 gigs by themselves


I have about 40 GB in the Community folder
Loading time : 22 minutes
Intel I7 9700K@5 GHz
32 GB DDR4


I did notice that some of the folders that unpacked into my community folder had multiple folders within them not consistent with common structure. I took those out or just pulled out the parts that seemed in the right place and noticed my loading times got a little bit better. I have some huge mods though. Someone created Dublin which is split up into 8 separate folders each with many GB’s of info. I’m continuing to test and going to try out that Peeyem mod manager next.

I had the Dublin, had to remove it as it increased mine by like 10 alone.

I hope once the sdk is complete they make it so things can be packaged rather than just loose files.


I have many community sceneries installed, mainly cities. My loading time today was about 30 min.

But I think it doesn’t depend on the scenery size. Mostl of them have only between 200 and 500 MB, some have 1 GB. The large one I removed. But this changed nothing. It seems to be the number of sceneries that impacts the loading time, not only the size.

My payware sceneries have a size of 52 GB and they had no inpact of the loading time. Freeware are about 30 GB.

Believe it or not, it has a lot to do with the type of scenery - Payware/Freeware. Optimized and Not Optimized. Obviously, most veteran developers adhere to optimization techniques. What I love is that by way of the “Peeyem” tool I have better control over the freeware community. This helps to better manage or mitigate CTD due to incompatibilities after MSFS updates. But as I digress, let me return to the topic. By separating the free and payware scenery I see a huge plus in load times. Max load time for me with Aircraft liveries and payware is 5 mins. (over 30 payware installed)

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I actually just noticed this too.

It seems for me, it’s not the total number or size of addons, it seems more about the number of files in the addon. So, adding in a few scenery mods (like mountains or additional photogrammetry cities) will have more impact than 20 modest airports in terms of startup time.

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Very strange to hear about it from people with SSD, my community folder is 92Gb (118 folders with sceneries, landmarks, liveries and fixes for planes), just done some tests and here are results:

-first run (with all addons) after windows starts 2 min from run msfs shortcut to blue loading line + 4 min 46 sec loading line to main menu (6:46 total from desktop to msfs main menu)…
-second run 2 min 30 sec from desktop to msfs main menu

-first run without community folder 3 min 17 sec
-second run 1 min 38 sec

i7 3930k, 32gb ram, HDD

Also I’m using MSFS Addons Linker to deactivate those addons which I do not plan to use at the moment, very comfortable tool


Yes, addons linker is an essential tool. Very easy to use and allows me to group my addons into categories.