Longitude/Garmin Newcomer Help Appreciated Please

I usually fly the bigger commercial jets but thought I’d get some time in on the Longitude over the last few weeks. I’ve completed a number of flights across Europe but noticed a few things. I didnt know if they were bugs or things im not doing correctly so any help would be great.

  1. I use an xbox controller for all my aircraft and have a decent profile setup which covers all the aircraft i fly. However, I’ve noticed when taxiing, the Longitude continues to accelerate whilst taxiing even when the thrust is at idle.

  2. Upon approach to various airports (but not all), the longitude usually goes completely off-track and the approach button eont switch on.

  3. The default weather radar just shows the land as black and water as blue but doesn’t display any kind of bad weather. The alternative radar seems to work fine though. Also on the GTC PFD map settings, the weather radar overlay is greyed out. Is this correct?

  4. The pitch both on climb and decent whilst using the fmc is quite extreme. I couldnt imagine the wealthy passangers being too happy.

  5. What has the recent AAU2 changed on the Longitude. As ive not noticed any difference personally.

Like I said in the title, I’m a newcomber to the Longitiude. The big commercial jets and their automation are a lot more user friendly and simple I’ve found so please show me some patience if you deem these questions as amateur or irritating.

Thank you in advance.

Here’s the release notes for this update so you can see what’s changed with the plane and various avionics.