Longitude Map Display Freezes with G3000

Starting with SU8, both v0.7.6 and the latest v0.7.7 G3000 mod from Working Title have a freezing map display in the Longitude. It happens after using the VFR map. Prior to the first time using the VFR map, the Longitude map display will be normal and updating in real time with the aircraft position as expected.

However, once you bring up the VFR map and do whatever on that, after closing the VFR map, the aircraft’s map display is now frozen in place.

In previous SUs such as SU6 when this occurred last, clicking the map reference to toggle betwixt North or HDG could resolve the issue. Not this time. Zooming in/out, changing map reference, re-opening VFR map, etc…nothing resolves the issue.

I posted this to Working Title’s discord and got zero response or feedback. Also posted to Zendesk. Posting here for awareness.

3rd party issue (g3000) not a msfs bug/vote. See this thread for WT G3000 discussion.

Solution: Don’t use the vfr map with the G3000 for now.

Use search before posting any bug please, otherwise the votes get split up.


Please report any issues with version 7.7 to WT on their Discord Server’s Garmin Channel or a bug report on GitHub. Thanks.

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Yeah Spot on