Looking for advice, changing from VR to "not VR" is tanking my framerates

I’ve discovered recently that when I land at my destination, taxi to parking, shut my b1rd down, and then turn VR off, my frame rates go from a surprisingly more than acceptable 31 +/- fps (in VR) to nada. We’re talking seconds per frame, not frames per second.

It makes the sim practically unresponsive, and that continues even after I’ve exited the flight and am using the menus.

Now, I know I’ve done this successfully before, as I was flying some much longer flights, and during cruise when the autopilot was in charge of everything, I’ve switched off VR so I can monitor the progress, but at the same time be able to go do something else, and that seemingly worked just peachy.

Now, on the one hand it’s NBD. My flight was over, and I was ready to exit back to the menus anyway, so the sim becoming practically non-responsive didn’t do any harm, but if there’s something I can do to make it act “normal”, I’d sure like to know what that might be.

Any thoughts or ideas out there in forum land?

Many thanks in advance!


This is documented in the release notes. In short, ALT-TAB and close the VR “driver” running in the background (close WMR Portal window, close SteamVR window etc…)

Thank you, odd that I missed that. Then again, if it’s buried deep in the fine print of the release notes, I guess it’s not all that odd after all.

If I wanted to do my “turn VR off while the airplane flies itself for a 5 hour cruise” trick, could I then turn that stuff back on and have it work right? I wish there was an automatic pause at TOD option, which I remember seeing somewhere in my past simming life (maybe it was something that came with a specific 3rd party aircraft, I have no idea), that could potentially solve lots of problems, especially if you’ve got it setup to where your copilot is handling ATC calls, which you can do both with the default ATC engine, and the other one (pilot2ATC) that I use.

That way you could walk away from a long flight and let the autopilot and co-pilot handle the mundane stuff, but not worry if you’re not sitting at your desk ready to go when the action starts again at the end of the cruise phase. Like go sleep, go to work, whatever you might want to do while your simcraft is doing a 14 hour cruise from NY to Sydney.

But I don’t think that option exists for anything (yet) in FS2020.

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@CptLucky8, that has/is working perfectly. I have yet to test the “can I turn it back on after I let the AP and co-pilot handle the flight for a few hours” aspect because I’ve been flying flights that are too short. But I’ve been wanting to jump back into the CJ4 and go some distance (esp since they just let a new version out), so hopefully soon.

Thanks much!

Oh, BTW, where are those release notes (and for what) that you’re talking about?


This is written here:

[Read First] VR Known Issues & Workarounds - Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Known Issues (content):

  • The sim’s performance may be poor with the Mixed Reality Portal running in the background when not in VR mode.
    • Workaround: Close the Mixed Reality Portal when not flying in VR mode.

As for switching back and forth, beware, sometimes it fails re-entering back into VR. It is happening sometimes to me but in general I’m also changing OXR settings when I do and this could be the main reason.

@CptLucky8, is this something you’re still working on, or have you settled on a “final answer”? I ask because I ended up going with beta on, motion repro disabled, and set to custom 50%, which enables me to set my MSFS settings to 100 on the render scale (which is a tick above native for my G2s), and have some pretty aggressive other settings, and still get 31 +/- fps, which my eyes find pleasing, if a little blurry.

I haven’t ruled out that I might actually need corrective lenses to help with the blurriness, but my day to day vision is really good, except needing readers for what people my age use readers for. I did try those under my matrix hood (for about 2.5 seconds) and that was a CLEAR no go.

But since my settings are so arbitrary, I’m wondering if you’ve stumbled across something that might be even better that I could take a stab at.

I’m not done with this kind of things but I believe I’m close with the current FS version. The next update might change everything again but I doubt it.

It is amazing because I did try TAA100 OXR50 (no reproj.) with the A320 yesterday when I wanted to validate whether my suggested NVidia CPL settings for repro. were holding up without, and they don’t thus confirming on my test hardware 2 different NVidia CPL strategies depending on whether you’re using reproj. I don’t know exactly why this matters as this is only an empirical finding, but I suspect WMR/OXR frame timing based on some GPU monitoring.

I was getting ~32fps near Dubai region. If you really have enough video card room, you might want to try 110/50 then… Just using 10% supersampling at the rendering stage changes a lot, and you can go up to 150/50 is you want to get an unbeatable view overall. But if you’re not using repro. I find TAA70 SS100 the best with the G2, deliver both crisp EFIS and excellent outside visuals.

In any case, my best settings recommendations for the G2 are here:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

Make sure to read both posts, the top one for all the information, and the 2nd one for motion reproj., to see what I’m suggesting for the NVidia CPL respectively.

@CptLucky8, OK, so far so good. And I actually hope incoming updates will change things, but only by making them better without the need for us to do a whole lot of tweaking and testing all over again.

But, then you started with the technobabble and lost me lol…

OK, if I’m interpreting this right, it means you were using the exact same settings as I was, if only as a test…

But here, I’m lost. I have no idea what “NVidia CPL settings for repro” even means (though I’m probably gonna feel dumb when you tell me), but I’m thinking what you’re saying is that you wanted to test my settings (by total coincidence) vs. something else you’ve tested to see which you found to be better.

Again with the “CPL” thing, but I still think you’re doing a this setting vs. that setting test.

OK, I think you’re saying just by bumping the in sim render setting from 100 to 110 it will make a noticeable clarity difference. I’ve tried that, and I’ll try it again, but I’ve noted two things: Assuming MY assumptions are correct, I’ve done that before, but didn’t notice a big difference. It’s also interesting that the 110 setting did not stay that way, rather it reverted back to 100 on it’s own, but after I finished my session, my assumption was because that’s actually higher than the native resolution on my G2s, according to the in sim menu.

But the first thing I’m gonna try once I’m done typing this up is bumping up to 150 in sim to see if (A) It looks noticeably better, and (B), my OCed 10600K combined with my OCed 2070 Super can handle that combination without puking.

I’m not using repro, but I’m not married to that idea. If turning it on can make things better, I’m all for it. But are you saying in sim of 70 and OXR of 100 without repro is what you’ve found to be the best combination?

I briefly looked at the post you linked, and it looks like a LOT of potentially great info, but it also looks like a lot to process and understand mentally. So I’m off to try the 150 render setting in-sim and see what I think, and then I’ll circle back with you.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not at all complaining about what looks like an incredible amount of work you’ve done just because you’ve thrown some technospeak at me that I don’t understand. As a long time IT professional, I’m guilty of doing the same thing to others more times than I can count, but this time I’m on the other side of the desk because before 12/22, I didn’t know anything about VR, including simple stuff like what WMR even WAS.

But I’m learning, quickly, even if it does make my brain hurt from time to time.

So I’m off to try the 150 and see what happens, and I’ll be back in a bit…

That could be the problem relating what I’ve wrote above and what I was meaning to say about “2 different strategies for NVidia CPL” (CPL: control panel, the one you’re adjusting the NVidia settings with)

I’ve published my article “My VR Settings - G2” which is the complete guide for configuring your system (NVidia, Win10, OXR, FS2020, etc…). These are for non-reproj:

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

I’ve further posted an update for reproj. settings, where I’m explaining there are different NVidia CPL settings to apply to get the most of it, compared to the NVidia CPL settings I’m recommending when not using reproj:

[Update 02JAN2021 - Settings for Motion Reprojection]

Now about what I’ve said above TAA 150 + OXR 50 this is only if your card can handle it and I’m sure your 2070S won’t, but you’ll see what it looks like if you’d do (and it will make you want a 3090…)

I know it is a lot of information but you have to understand this comes as a whole. I’ve fine tuned everything together and picking just 1 or 2 items won’t give you the same experience nor the best performance. I would have preferred having a 3090 and get along roughly configuring some in-game settings, but with a 2070S, you must balance everything and fine tune some settings to reach the ultimate perf you can get out of the card. I’m pleased I’ve managed to find a specific combination of settings helping achieving this, and I believe there are not much other combinations available regarding Win10+NVidia+TAA/OXR balancing strategy available.

@CptLucky8, you were right, my 2070S puked at 150. Or maybe it was my CPU, or a combination of both, but at any rate, it LOOKED fantastic, but the performance looked like I was trying to run Quake on a Pentium 90. (Or to make a more relevant statement, I had framerates between 10-15, which simply won’t work, and I was literally out in the Arizona desert, looking for that crater, which I didn’t find!)

Though rather than a 3090, I’m kinda thinking give it some time and try to grab a 3080 Super (if it ever becomes more real than just the present figment of my imagination) at MSRP from available inventory in about a year or so. Or maybe even a 40-series.

I can live with the present “TAA 100” even though it does make me feel like I need glasses, at least for awhile. Hopefully before I get around to getting a (presently non-existent) 3080S, or 40-whatever down the road, some driver and software optimizations will either make TAA 100 look better, or enable me to get closer to TAA 150 without having to buy anything. I guess we’ll see.

As for the rest, sounds like I’ve got a lot of homework to do. Thank you so much for your patience and assistance in helping a guy who by all rights, really should know more about this stuff than I do. If I have questions, and I’m pretty certain I will, I’ll circle back with you.

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It is gorgeous indeed at 150% and I wish OXR Dev Tool developers would have at least allow going down to 1/4 (25%) and not just 1/2 (50%) render scaling, so that I can get the advantage of FS2020 super sampling rendering at slightly less, but just slight less than G2 resolution (using OXR 35 or 40% for example).

The “I need to wear glasses” effect is normal and due to the low OXR resolution. I’m explaining this here:

EFIS resolution depends on render resolution, not post-processing resolution.

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