Lost Flight Log

After update version 1.14.6 I lost my flight log twice until now, i can’t find my flight log, no internet issue, no graphic issue, and i cant find where is the location of the flight log file.

Why microsoft flight simulator erase my flight plan without any permission from me as buyer, of this game. That is not cheap. Need data to spend to get flight hours and then microsoft just erase it. To Zero without any permission.

Flight logs are kept online in your Microsoft/Xbox Account. If you have logon issues or not synchronising, you won’t see the logs in the sim.

It looks like you have logon issue… Have you tried logging out, exit the sim, restart the sim and log back in?

No problem with login. My X Box is connected, microsoft store is logged in. I can play the sim without any problem. But it suddenly stop then restart. After restart, All flight log missing to zero.

Hi all,
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