Low FPS on 10700K n RTX 3080 on MSI 1080p gaming monitor

I am getting low 20s n on my system when flying over mayor airport like JFK n New york city i have my setting to HIGH-END try every trick n setting n nothing i am getting limited by mainthread msg on develop option with fps display do not know what else to do worrie could it be a bad GPU?

Sound as if you turned on Vsync and set the FPS limit to 30 FPS (both of those from the in-game options).

Frame rate limiter and the Vsync kinda act weird at the moment, so if it’s the case, just set the limiter to 60fps - or even better just disable Vsync from the in-game options completely and limit your FPS from the nVidia CP.

Was this of any help ?

no i do not have v-sinc on i have set in nvidia control panel today i had a crash to desktop while doing a test flight i am just worrie thinking it could be a bad gpu hope not

you limit fps with nvidia control panel ?

within the v-sync thread, which describe the issue with v-sync, a user also describe issue in case of these limiters.

i turn it on on nvidia control panel same turn it off the same even in the sim still same issue

ah… then you have to look in forum about performance threads… in special for 30xx cards the nvidia driver version is important… also installed mods, etc.

i have the lastest driver n i notice it happen when using the flybywire mods n scenery mods the gpu load is only 40% n i get the msg limited by mainthread in develop mode n lots of stutters

for discussions about third party apps we have

Possible find usefully info within this category.

it is only when i am in cockpit view outside view i get mid to high 40s fps

In settings take the glass cockpit refresh rate down to medium or low if you haven’t already done that.

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