Make AI Control Smarter

Please improve the AI control to make use of flaps and overall utilize the aircraft systems a bit more in all conditions (approach, landing, bad weather, etc)

I noticed for example that the AI controller makes quite sharp turns for example and sometimes stops responding to ATC.

I also noticed that sometimes the AI controller doesn’t take terrain into consideration. There’s been instances where it would crash straight into a mountain or the approach altitude was too low and it wouldn’t adjust and just try to land a mile before the runway straight into buildings


You have to treat AI copilot Charlie as first-time student I think … He/she doesn’t know how to use the flaps, or the lights, and has the bad habit of picking the nearest taxiway … even if it results in a take of run that is waaay too short (Try flying with Chuckie in the Andes!). Not to mention - as you say - the kamikaze CFIT tendencies.

Too be fair, I’ve made quite a few nice sightseeing trips with AI copilot at the helm, but you have to keep an eye on things. Last night trip to La Paz was spectacular; until Chuckie drastically undershot the runway after a top-notch approach. Who knows why:


This sounds more like a bug report than a Wishlist topic. There is a large bug report topic that you may wish to contribute to: