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I am able to download free content from Marketplace, buy unable buy anything? I get error message. “Another transaction is still pending’ been over 24 hours and still says same thing? Any suggestions? Form of payment is good in Microsoft Store. Thanks

I know it is very frustrating. I know have it working. I submitted ticket…a few days later it was working! No clue what they did. Please keep me posted as well…must be something on MSFS end?

Have you seen this post? Although specifically for Steam, there may be some help there.


Or these support articles:


it is has been over 72 hours since I am unable to buy on Marketplace. Tried everything. Exactly how do I contact support on this? Thank You

Thanks. But I do not have Steam

Zendesk - click the support link at the top of this page

If it’s not Steam then you need to open a service request through Zendesk. Just search for “another transaction is still pending” and you’ll find Info what exactly you need to do. Reported one myself 2 days ago and today got notification that they fixed the problem.

Thank you very much

Hey, my friend. Yes, I understand. The thread I linked for you above pointed to Support links similar to the one’s posted by @gordongreig above. At the end of the day, I hope you are closer to a solution.

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Thank you!

Have you solved the problem in the meantime? I’ve had the same problem for weeks. For me it is also the combination of MS Store + XBox App (without Steam).
I have already written to Zendesk. But they only answered with standard advises that you can find everywhere on the internet. My attempts went far beyond that. I even installed the sim on another PC and have the same problem there.
Now I don’t get any response from Zendesk support since days.
Am pretty annoyed right now . . .