Marketplace - Map for Sceneries and Airports Available?

It would be nice if there was a map interface, allowing people to search for sceneries and aiports by region.

See: Orbx Central “Discover” page:

That’s a great idea.
It would also be great if MS and Asobo could actually update the store on a regular basis. Currently it seems to take forever for releases and updates already made available by developers (if you bought direct from them) to make it to the actual Marketplace.

I think it would make sense if the scenery items (airports, cities and landmarks) in the market place can be shown on a map. Lists are good, but a map would increase the ability to find stuff near you way quicker.

Good idea, both the choice of map and list

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As the number of airports and scenery addons grows, it is becoming increasingly tiresome to search for addons of interest in the Marketplace. It would be great to have a map-view of available add-ons, where a zoomable map is shown with icons representing airport, city and regional scenery available.

This is a nice idea. At least the option to filter by geographic region would be good but a map GUI would add quite a flourish.

The only reason i stopped dealing with hundreds of freeware mods. “Headache!”

Although official marketplace reduced that headache, with this design far from being efficient, i havent been able to get rid of it totally yet.

Please implement this, i am doing this manually atm. So i can decide which scenery i need to buy. I dont want to waste my money on a product which i dont want since i have no option to “try before purchase”

The marketplace is getting pretty large with new items being added all the time. If I want to see all the available airports in a given region that I fly in often, it’s difficult to do that in the marketplace. It would be great to see them highlighted somehow on the world map, similar to a POI. Also, it would be really cool if you could basically one-click buy and download right from the world map without having to go to the marketplace. So if I’m looking at a region I could just buy an airport and then immediately start a flight with my new purchase.

Marketplace needs a world map for the DLCs. Or a way to search by regions like states, countries, etc. I only interested in the DLCs for the area I fly.

There are tags but they’re really hit or miss – US/Canada scenery items sometimes include the state or province as a tag, but just as often don’t – and if they don’t, they might still forget to mention it in the description text.

And there’s currently no way to browse on those tags, just a generic word search.

Just like with ORBX it would be nice to have the same feature of a world map in the marketplace in order to discover available products.

A really helpful Store (or World Map) feature would be to allow pilots to see where Airports are located when looking at them on the Store. Often I’m flying around an area, and generally am buying a number of Airports in the same area that are close(ish) by… to make the flying there much more interesting. It is also a great way to learn about geographical areas

In the Store currently, there is a massive number of Airports and now I’m just guessing where many of these actually are (can determine countries - but hard to see where they are in country)

Would it be possible to have a ‘World Map’ equivalent within the store, or maybe a very easy way of seeing “Store Available” airports on the Main World map to locate those available for purchasing?

Yes, please!!! It’s great that the marketplace is getting filled, but discovery is becoming a pain. Would be SO much better/easier with a map-view.

Great idea - voted.

Well … the scenery map is here now but it only showed any scenery once. Every other time the map was completely empty (no I haven’t set any filters). Guess it doesn’t work.

Please use this bug report, if it is still happening to you:

For me, it didn’t work for a little while, but now it’s working again.