Massiv FPS Drops after 10 min in flight

Hey… i think i have since the last update massiv FPS Drops after 5-10 min. and the sim stops for 1 Sec. It runs before drops very smooth, and that is the Limited by Manipulators ? Thanks for your help or your Tips…

Only MOD in use is the A32NX FBW and a Tree MOD, i have tested without same issue

2080 TI
I9 9900K
400 MBit/s

Search Engine for “manipulators” shows this recent conversation:

I’m having the same issue intermittently. Although I have found it to be 100% reproducible flying from Heathrow to Gatwick in ifr flight. See you tube link. 7.50 issue starts.
My pc spec is 6800 xt and i9 10850k with 32gb ram.

Seems to be fixed in the latest update