Master A320Neo Livery List

Finnair A320Neo livery. Based on OH-LXB(non-NEO) with some additions and adjustments from other models.

Updated livery on 28-09-2020 and link moved

Installation to “…\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020\Community”-folder.
I will still keep improving this a little bit, as there are some obstacles concerning the atlas.


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(Click “replies” to see the current version (V3), its much more correct than V1 and V2. Link is still the same, but the texture is vastly improved over what you see in these pics)

There we go, A320Neo Norwegian. Took so long to get the “tailhero” on the vertical stabilizer and rudder to match up… Also, pictures are taken at evening, oops… lol

I know the livery is missing certain things such as “” in the blue stripe on the vertical stabilizer/rudder and that the blue line on the body itself infront of the wings may be to thick ETC… But its the best i can do with this template, it takes alot of trial and error to get all these things perfect. (these are all now fixed in V3)

Its no longer necessary to download this file if/when it gets added to the actual official mega pack.


British Airways G-TTNA:


Allegiant Airlines
Default ATC: Allegiant 2122


Just a heads up, typo for the Hong Kong Express link :slight_smile:

Link so you dont need to scroll up to find my post again:

@FolkCake3034699 and @Braunniey, Air New Zealand Livery completed :blush:

@Ryanosaurs13, can this please be merged with your pack/list ? Zip file contains both white and black liveries. NOTE: Since Air New Zealand does not have a black livery version of the A320neo, its technically a concept (actual plane delivery deferred to 2021). The white one is real.


Pegasus Airlines livery is based on Airbus A320 Neo TC-NBD.
Anadolu Jet doesn’t operate any Airbuses, hence livery is based on B737.

Turkish Airliners 4K Texture Detailed


AirFrance livery is based on Airbus A320


Hello all,

I made this Air France livery based on A320 Sharklets F-HEPH.
Sorry, some texture are blurry espacially the small details.

UPDATE (26/08/2020) :
I’ve made some improvements on the small details to have them cleaner and added some other details on doors, along the airframe and on the front gear to get the livery closer to the real one.

UPDATE 2 (16/09/2020) :
You can now use this repaint by simply drag and drop it in your community file.


Your download link goes to a godawful spam/malware website, where you can only download the actual file after about 5 attempts to do so… :unamused:


Turkish Airlines A320 Neo 4K Textures, Detailed Livery.
Livery is based on TK A321 Neo.

Turkish Airlines 4K Detailed.


GoAir A320N livery by adi_boi, Jett W. and Aor1o!
Discord for each creator: adi_boi#7949 , Jack Willams [Lez]#2166 & Aor1o.#5195 respectively.

Screenshots are from V1, I challenge you to find all the differences! :slight_smile:
Download link NEW 24/08/2020

(V1): goairlivery-msfs

(V2): goairlivery-msfs

(V3): goairlivery-msfs

(V4): goairlivery-msfs(V4)

(V5-FINAL): goairlivery-msfsV5

Flight with the livery:

:india: :india: :india:


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Now available for download the much requested United A320 NEO! Based upon the new scheme introduced in 2019, this scheme is a as much as we can get it actuate detailed aircraft based upon the current A320’s United has with winglets. Zip include multiple options for install which include stand alone, with other liveries, and as a replacement. Please read carefully and watch linked videos as needed. This will also be included in future mega packs. Any questions please PM in Discord. Enjoy!


Nice work man!

Fixed some parts of the Lufthansa livery, added more detail. Still much to work on it, but better than the previous version. Expect it to be in megapack V7 or you can already replace the files in the current pack. If you replace it remember to also add icao_airline = “DLH” in your aircraft.cfg for multiplayer support, if it isn’t already.



A320 Neo Kuwait Airways:


PSA 1972 “Pink” Livery
Like with many other people’s liveries, the A320N is a great temporary stand-in for 737’s until we get a proper one in the sim. So, I present to you Pacific Southwest’s 1972 livery based on the 737-200. I’ll soon be upscaling the textures and correcting some imperfections. Guaranteed loads of fun flying this “Grinningbird” around Southern California!

Google Drive Download Here


If anyone downloaded my Alaska or United liveries today and were having problems when installing with existing liveries, turns out some lines were missing from the layout.json file. Those should be fixed now if you were having issues. Otherwise no need to download again.

(Will delete message in 24 hours.)

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