Menestrel HN-433 and 434

Hello, Mister Lagaffe coming to MSFS2020 is a good news :).
du beau modèle de vol en perspective ;).

Will try this one soon. Thanks a lot for your work. (speaking English since mods don’t like foreign languages here :wink: )…
By the way, where is located this nice hangar please?

Do you read carefully my first post, I have yet given the direct link : French-VFR (French-VFR - Downloads) :eyes:

Thanks I saw that, but I was asking about the hangar where the plane is located in your video. I would like to know where is this nice scenery?

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Sorry for the mistake !
The hangar is a scenery for MSFS what I had published in December 2020. It is CYMX - Mirabel.

This scenery was my first native creation for MSFS. I have created this airport for FSX/P3D with JP Fillion (2018-2019) and decided to port it as native airport in September last year.
It is also on French-VFR, the direct link: French-VFR - Downloads

This hangar is fictional: it has been created for a Quebec friend of mine who love this airport. I have add also in this scenery, two creations of mine : a Canadair CL-215T and a Canso PBY-5A on the right of this hangar. Theses aircraft are static for the moment but will be finished for 2021. Some pics of the PBY-5A were published on FSDeveloper ans SOH forums.
As amphibians are not yet fully supported by Asobo, I have put theses two addons on standby (transitions between earth and water are not managed).

The orange Cessna C150 (on the last image) is the famous Ti’Bush that I have created for FSX/P3D and that I am developping for MSFS …


Many thanks for your answer and explanations.
I will have a look when coming back home. And also check all your work on French-VFR… It’s been a while since I didn’t visit your place ;).
Keep up the nice work.

Wow, looks great!

is that a cat on the backseat ? that is cute :slight_smile:

Yes, it is a CAT … but it’s on standby for the moment … waiting for an improvement of Asobo’s SDK :innocent:
On the CYMX’s runway

The cockpit in progress …

Some details on the engine …


Beautiful, very promising.

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Awesome! does it sound like a beetle? I would love that!

Just a nice little plane.

If you downloaded it in the first few days after I posted this, there’s a new release at the original link with a few bug fixes. The update isn’t noted on the download page, so wanted to alert y’all. :slight_smile:

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thank you, I will download the new version.

It’s a nicely made airplane, I like it.

New version 1.0 is now available. ← download link

Per the author’s post on Sim-Outhouse, these are the changes:

  • 6 repaints
  • a radio with a single COM1
  • a few modifications in the code (removal of the sounds for the opening/closing of the landing gear, etc) to take in accounts some remarks (SOH, AVSim, pilote-virtuel).

(EDIT: Now v1.2, same link!)


And since last week, I have publish my last release: v1.5.0 with 6 repaints on French-VFR (French-VFR - Downloads) and a v1.5.0 version with a single repaint on (Menestrel HN-433 n°43 F-PYKA and Super Menestrel HN-434 n°1 - F-PYXE » Microsoft Flight Simulator). We have exceeded the 1200 downloads in just two days after the release on

I have bring some improvements like the possibility to start the motor/blades with the mouse (LeftClick or a scrowling action).
As the main textures are PBR, it is more difficult to publish a good paintkit. These days I am working on it and I think I can provide a ZIP with all the files (PSD format) for the main editable textures.
While the flight model was perfect under FSX (I was helped by JC Aflflard the builder of the real aircraft and by BeeGee a famous French instructor on B200), its transcription under MSFS allowed to notice some problems on the MODERN flight model.As Asobo releases its updates, this flight model must be corrected to take the good and the not so good things and I am looking forward to the July update.
According to a Beta tester of my friends, the HN-434 behaves very well under this future version (a lot of animations are made according to the old methods and are independent from the changes on the ModelBehaviours).
Still, I am waiting for this release to make a new test run and improvements on this flight model (stall and maximum speed to improve.)

Thanks for your support !


Looks really cool! Downloading now and look forward to trying it out!

Miau !

Surprised you want to publish a paintkit. What changed ? I saw the discusssion in that other forum.

Surprised ? Why … If you had read the whole discussion on AVSim, you could read that I was preparing a paintkit but it was not finished. You should read the lastest answers :wink:

On I have publish a replica F-PYXE asked by a user of the real plane and I have restricted usage of my files as a lot of people who publish on this site. A lot of conversion or creations are under theses restrictions, so why couldn’t I have done it ? :innocent:

Adding a red layer then putting some opacity on it then fiddling with the registration of a real plane is not what I call making a livery. I spent a lot of time and energy on this plane which was my first addon and I didn’t want it to be mistreated. I made a courteous answer to this repainter and I will send him a red version (without the blue interior structure) if he want.

If people want to make liveries they might as well do it on a clean basis and correctly. aintkit for PBR are’nt easy to make. Finally, I will publish this paintkit but on my site no longer on

I understand your concerns as a content creator… but at the end of the day if you release a freeware aircraft and a bunch of people go around making liveries for it… good luck containing that if the aircraft is popular. At the end of the day, every aircraft has badly done liveries for it - I just stay away from them in general. It’s your choice to publish (or not) on, but with all due respect, I think you are being a little zealous with controlling who creates liveries for it and how they go about it. :wink: If you’d like to have maximum exposure for your aircraft, is THE way to go, as I am sure you have noticed. I don’t really know why you’d want to limit exposure to your product, but… it’s your prerogative.

Bien sur, now I see. I proapably did not read all postings yet. That makes sense what you say.

Not much of a livery afficionado, tbh. I mostly fly with standard livery for most planes or it has one from our German forum or the VA I fly in. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: