'Microshake' with head tracking

Does anyone else encounter an unstable camera, with what I call ‘microshake’? This is most apparent when you look at the cockpit, especially when up close. No other VR game or simulator I’ve tried has this, they are steady and smooth.

The amount of instability is independent of frame rate - high fps still incurs this microshake. It’s as though there’s no filtering or smoothing of the sensor data. It’s off-putting and reduces the immersion.

I’m using a Quest 2.


Yes agree. It is annoying and breaks immersion. None of the other sims do this incl Aerofly, DCS or Xplane.

I don’t get this in cockpit view, but I do occasionally get it in external view while on the ground, and it’s extremely annoying.

Drink less coffee.


@ColourWheel1975 It depends. On my test system:

  • With the Index and Lighthouse tracking it is perfect always.
  • With the G2 and inside out tracking, the lower the fps, the higher the effect.

With WMR (direct or via SteamVR) It is as if my head is mounted on springs and I attribute this to WMR computing the movement from the camera images and taking too much time, therefore lagging behind your movement. Whatever it is it turns out looking as if the driver is sending poses not far enough in the future and therefore making FS2020 using projection matrices which are too old already when the views display (motion to photon latency).

@Trowels This one is another thing: the external camera shakes in 2D because it is following the aircraft small wind induced oscillations (just a visual effect in my opinion) and when in VR, they didn’t disable the camera shake effect which is breaking the golden rule of VR: don’t move the camera, the user does it with the headset, otherwise you’re breaking immersion and causing nausea…


the shake effect is so bad… cant do more then 5 min in VR…

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This is msfs first implementation and i think it’s working great! Needs some tweaking and after some updates they will get there! This is the very beginning and it’s already this good.

Yeah, I’m getting a lot of jittery cockpit movement. As others have said, this doesn’t happen in any other sim so I’m optimistic it’s something Asobo can sort out (if people give them plenty of feedback).

These jitters, plus what appears to be a world-scale that’s too small, are the sims main VR problems for me right now.

The need to get a 3080ti for this sim (when it’s available) or equivalent is purely my problem :slight_smile:

I see this too and It is very annoying. The cockpit jitters when moving my head. I know it is not a problem with the head tracking since the desktop windows I have pinned in 3D space is rock solid and smooth when moving my head. The outside world is also stable in comparison to the jittery cockpit.

I wouldn’t have known how to put it into words better than this. I am noticing the same issue with my G2 that I just received. When I move my head quick enough the camera lags behind a tiny bit that is noticeable to me and breaks the immersion (and it’s also somehow puke inducing).

Did you find any way to reduce this effect? I’ve only noticed it in fs2020. It didn’t happen in Il2 or in Alyx

I don’t know of any “workaround” for this. If this is motion-to-photon delay playing against us here, it most likely is a problem with the WMR OpenXR driver implementation (I doubt it would be OpenXR API use problem because it is supposed to be simple an API from an app perspective in this regard).

However there is another factor which my explain why this is showing up in FS2020 only and this would have to do to the camera management in VR. You might want to vote for this one:

[BUG/FEATURE] FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don’t move the camera, the user is

Could be a factor. I’ll also experiment with trying to bring the fps up as much as possible to see if it mitigates it. Thanks :blush:

I should have said: FS2020 camera management when using WMR OpenXR, because when using SteamVR OpenXR with the Valve Index, it is rock solid and precise. I suspect it is more the WMR OpenXR driver itself which is causing this.

Would there be a way to use the reverb using steam vr? Or would that anyway be just a layer between openXr and the game and therefore keep the issue?

Yes of course you can. There are plenty of posts about this you can find with the search function. I’m not certain it makes any changes to the head tracking problems though. Please let us know how it goes on your system!

Great! I’ll try that out as soon as I have some time and pacience :smiley:
With the G2 the quality of the image is amazing, but with my CV1 it was much more in synch with my movements… It is a bit disappointing and in a small amount made me regreat having bought it… but hey, it works incredibly very well with IL2! :smiley:

I am unable to run fs2020 with steam vr. It crashes as soon as I turn the vr mode on, for some reason…
Anyway, I’ve been playing around the vr settings and I have to agree with what you said above, the issue is the frame rate. I’ve reduced the vr resolution from the openXr dev panel and the game is much, much more fluid, although with less definition.

The best result was having 70 as resolution in the game settings and 55 in the openXr dev panel.

Weirdest thing is that if I put 100 in game and 50 in the openXr control panel the game is buttery smooth, but it looks like I’m looking at the world from a GoPro lense: everything is rounded and when I move my head it looks like I have a bottle full of water in front of me.

In my utter ignorance in this field, I guess this might be because the resolution gets out of the reverb proportion and then the image is somehow stretched… But its very strange.

Also, changing resolution of just 5/10% in the openXr dev panel gives night and day results in terms of fps. It doesn’t look proportional at all. 50% super smooth. 55% still smooth without the “GoPro lense” effect. 60% laggy as hell.

What might be causing this? It feels more like some bottleneck of the game’s optimization due to the resolution then a hardware thing, which usually is much more proportional when degrading. Any experience in this?

‘Microshake’ with VR?

Great and very apt description for something I myself was struggling to describe :slightly_smiling_face:

I was tempted to make an amusing comment regarding something like your choice of beverage but the fact is that it is so damned annoying that it is limiting the time I can spend simming VR in FS2020. It’s like some kind of lag, stutter or shake whenever your move your head. It’s not only immersion breaking but headache inducing too. I can only presume it’s an ASOBO implementation since I don’t get a similar effect in X-Plane 11, DCS, FS2 or IL2 Sturmovik.

For me this is at the top of the list of VR things to sort out. I don’t know if this is in the Voting Section or not but if it was it would get my vote straight away.

Thank your for your post :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I have an Oculus Quest 2 also.

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