Missing Airports and Nav aids in Canada

Can you add all the Canadian airports and Nav aids. Its getting to be a royal pain, want to fly the Canadian bush but half the airports are missing. I know this is not just a Canadian thing, the USA is missing lots of airports and nav aids.

Have you posted this to the Zendesk? Just curious can you elborate on what areas are missing?

Your best bet is to get a Navigraph subscription. NavBlue is never going to get caught up to the same level of Navigation Data even though they’re finally getting fed into the sim on a more current AIRAC cycle. It’s literally night and day.

I hear you about the fields. It drove me crazy that CYVP actually existed as a field in the vanilla sim, but NavBlue would only let me reference the NAVAID at that location, not the field. Navigraph unlocked the location and also a lot of other IAPs in my regular flying area.

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There’s already a running list here. The amount alone is stupendous.

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There are no airports between Schefferville (CYKL) and Iqaluit (CYFB). The distance is 541 miles. Also, it would be nice to have some airports along the Hudson Bay and Ungava Bay: currently, there are none in MFS but in real life there are around 15 - 20 that serve the Inuit communities. In real life, without airports, they would have to wait until July when the ice melts for a few weeks to receive everything they need (not to mention the possibility of Medevacs, etc). I know we are virtual but it would be great to be able to fly around the coast and land where there are official airports. Many thanks.


The far north in Canada Nunavut airports are missing? FSX had all the airports is this an over site?
Some background USA and Canada had a DEW Line for years protecting North America from the USSR. Also in this area every 150km USA and Canada build radar sites from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
These airports support and have regular domestic flights for service and support to our Native people.
Very disappointing not having the following missing airports.

Arctic Bay Airport (YAB, CYAB)

Arviat Airport (YEK, CYEK)

Baker Lake Airport (YBK, CYBK)

Cape Dorset Airport (YTE, CYTE)

Chesterfield Inlet Airport (YCS, CYCS)

Clyde River Airport (YCY, CYCY)

Coral Harbour Airport (YZS, CYZS)

Gjoa Haven Airport (YHK, CYHK

Grise Fiord Airport (YGZ, CYGZ)

Hall Beach Airport (YUX, CYUX)

Igloolik Airport (YGT, CYGT