Missing airports in Spain after WU8

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The following airports are still missing in Spain. They are the most relevant air bases in the country:

  • Colmenar Viejo (LECV). Located at 40.696442, -3.766185
  • Torrejón (LETO). Located at 40.486812, -3.454698
  • Getafe (LEGT). Located at 40.292152, -3.726358
  • Morón (LEMO). Located at 37.174673, -5.611891
  • El Copero (LEEC). Located at 37.314590, -6.000286
  • Zaragoza (LEZG). Located at 41.662454, -1.024134
  • Villanubla (LEVD). Located at 41.710489, -4.848987
  • Betera (LEBT). Located at 39.623619, -0.472270
  • Badajoz (LEBZ). Located at 38.893700, -6.819654
  • San Javier (LELC). Located at 37.780890, -0.807242
  • Alcantarilla (LERI). Located at 37.952737, -1.230484
  • Los Llanos (LEAB). Located at 38.948804, -1.861712
  • Armilla (LEGA). Located at 37.132858, -3.635858
  • Benabarre (LENA). Located at 42.0224109, 0.4797145
  • Pollensa (LEPO). Located at 39.908498, 3.101830
  • Almagro (LEAO). Located at 38.952083, -3.740784 → another airport is already using that ICAO

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Misssing content. Just launch game.

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Check through here, these maybe already listed:
Missing Airports Sent to Zendesk - Bug Reports / Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Hi @geloxo,
For missing airports, first check to see if they are already in this list:

If they are not listed, file a separate Zendesk ticket for each missing airport. Then post in the above topic.

If the airport is in the list, you do not need to do anything as it’s already been noted.