Missing airports master list

This post could serve as a one-stop for the community in order to figure out which airports are missing in the sim. I’ve had a few occasions where there has been a major airport missing at the end of a long flight (not fun).

Please keep in mind this isn’t meant to serve as a bug report, this is just for those of us planning flights using third party flight planners. Keep filing the missing reports via ZenDesk.

Turkey - Istanbul Airport (IST, LTFM)
Panama - Tocumen International Airport (PTY, MPTO)
Seychelles - Seychelles International Airport (SEZ, FSIA)
Vanuatu - Bauerfield International Airport (VLI, NVVV)

You may want to use this.

Oh, beauty! Don’t know how i missed that. Feel free to close this.

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Closed at OP request.