Mooney avionics

I don’t think there is a work around yet, other than to switch off ALL traffic. It’s a bug with the Asobo avionics panels which the Mooney also uses.

but switch all traffic to off not works for me. I still cant turn on the avionics. The only solution i found is got to dev mode and chang to a standard aircraft and then go back to the mooney…

Ahh ok, I thought you meant the issue was happening in flight. I’ve not had the avionics issue from a cold and dark startup. Did you update the Mooney aircraft when they released an update last week?

I flew the Mooney for about 3 hours yesterday. I had two CTD’s in that time, where the view gets messed up, but I had no avionics failures at all. The workaround absolutely works.

Setting Generic planes to on didn’t resolve the issue for me, I do have realtime online traffic enabled too though.

I fly the Mooney all the time. Only time I’ve had problems with it is when avionics switch off while in MultiPlayer, but this problem is not specific to the Mooney.

Aside from that, I can use the flight planner, AP, Nav, ILS all without issue. If there’s a specific scenario that people think there is a problem with the Mooney specifically, please detail it, and I will try to replicate.



I have a lot of trouble trying to load approaches into the GNS530. it just won’t load or activate. ILS works using Raw Data (just tune the frequency) but RNAVs are a non starter…

I have the same problem. Mine works now and then but only for a short time. Someone suggested to uninstall and then reinstall. I will keep that in mind but hope for another fix.

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I found out something crazy yesterday. I made 2 small airfields myself. At these airfields I placed 2 planes as static sim objects.
When I removed these 2 planes yesterday, I no longer had a problem with the Mooney avionics!

Are you able to squawk your code in your transponder? During vatsim, controller cant verify my squawk mode even i did ident, stby, on and alt

I just bought the Mooney, I had both issues twice, lost my avionics all a sudden and had the views that got messed up which caused a CTD, great for my first bird purchased, can’t wait for A2A by the way… but by waiting hopefully it will get fixed soon, it’s weird to release buggy payware this way but we are submitted to the virtual world rules eventually…


It’s worth pointing out that the issues you describe are not the fault of the aircraft. These are faults with the sim, and affect any aircraft. Alabeo/Carenado seem to have done a pretty good job of fixing up the M20R/C182T, and they did have big problems on both their initial releases, but we can’t pin avionics failures, and CTD’s on them.


let’s say that (quote myself) " it’s weird to release buggy payware this way but we are submitted to the virtual world rules eventually"…concerns more MFS20 than the MR2020 then! Let’s put that way! :wink:

So hopefully Asobo will provide a hotfix soon because as you say, this bug starts to be common for many users with several aircrafts as I’ve read this morning in different posts.

I made some bug corrections and enhancements on the GN 530
see GNS530 mod

Maybe this can help


Do you know if It is compatible with the radial and me mod correction?


which one exactly?

this one: ?

If it’s this one it’s not compatible because I provide my own version of the same source file. Now I can ask the author if I can merge it.

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Yes, that one,
I just check and are not compatibles but the rest all work Thanks a lot for your job
Should be nice if your guys get in touch and integrate everything in just one project.

I contacted the author.

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